Monday, June 28, 2010

Lancome Concealers: Effacernes and Maquicomplet

Have I mentioned that concealer is my friend? I especially like liquid ones, though I've come across a few new thicker formulas (stick and creams) that are quite excellent. Still, I find it easier to get optimal results and control when using a liquid concealer.

These two minis from Lancome came from various GWP events, so I didn't get to pick the shade. Still, both are quite versatile and I've been using them successfully. Maquicomplet gives full coverage and has a natural satin-like finish. It smooths over imperfections and doesn't cake or make the problem area look dried up. It covers all but the darkest freckles and blends easily into any foundation or tinted moisturizer I have underneath. The sponge applicator is not ideal- I'd rather use brushes or fingertips and the idea of double dipping, especially if one has blemishes is the germaphobe's worst nightmare.

Correcteur is a bit too yellow for my liking, but I find it actually neutralizes redness very well. My choice for this Lancome concealer would be Light Buff. I tested it in store and it seems like a better match, though with department store lighting you can never be completely sure.

Effacernes is a waterproof under-eye concealer. It's very light and almost melts into the skin, which is a lot more effective than trying to coat and paint that area. Effacernes is different than my favorite under-eye products in its matte finish- I usually go for the highlighter pens (Lancome has one of those which I haven't tried yet) and prefer their results, but there's something to be said for a waterproof natural coverage, especially in the hot and super humid weather we've been experiencing lately. This tube came in Clair II, which is visibly too drak and ashy for me. If I were to get it it would have to be in either Light Buff or Light Bisque.

Lancome Concealers  Effacernes and Maquicomplet ($28.50 each) are available from every department store under the sun.

Photos by me.


  1. i have a question do they sell this correcture concealer anymore and if they do can you provide a link? I got this from my mom a couple years ago and i fell in love and i cant find it anymore!!!

  2. One tip that I have is to use the Lancôme Effacernes to cover the dark circle and let it dry. Then, go back and put tiny dots of the Lancôme Maquicomplete along the bottom part where your cheekbones meet the eye. Completely lightens up the eye area and dark circles are gone!


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