Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shiseido Ocean Summer- Red Triton Lipstick (RD 630) and Rainbow Lip Gloss (SV 809)

As promised, here are the two lip products from Shiseido Ocean Summer 2010 collection. Perfect Rouge lipstick in Red Triton RD 630 is a beautiful rich color that has been functioning lately as my everyday red. It looks warmer in the tube, so I was surprised to discover that it's actually quite rosy. The lipstick is very pigmented and darker than you'd expect from a summer color, which makes it a great day-to-night item.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge lipsticks tend to be on the dry side, and Red Triton is no exception. I usually top them with a gloss, so the new Luminizing Lip Gloss in Rainbow (SV 809)- a clear shimmery little thing- was just what I wanted. The gloss has a wonderful gel-like texture. It's not sticky at all, feels rich and moisturizing and has a lasting nourishing effect on the lips. I love the lacquered finish and the way it transforms the lipstick and makes it very glamorous. I don't love the glitter. It's very fine, but still quite noticeable and I'm just not a glitter person. The shimmery particles remain on the lips after the gloss itself wears off, which is another thing I could live without.

By the way, this is a red triton:

Shiseido Ocean Summer Red Triton Lipstick ($25) and Luminizing Lip Gloss in Rainbow ($22) are available from most department stores as well as from Sephora. Mine were purchased at Nordstrom online.

Shiseido makeup and swatch photos are all by me. Red triton photo by Richard Ling.

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