Friday, June 25, 2010

Laura Mercier Satin Lip Colour, Lip Glace and Lip Pencil

These three Laura Mercier mini  lip items were part of various GWP events over the last several months. I didn't keep track of what came from where, but it doesn't really matter. We're here to test and discuss the products, after all. As you can see, none are exactly my kind of colors, and looking at the swatches it's pretty obvious why- I think they bring out the yellow undertones in my skin. Nonetheless, the textures and quality are nice and at least in the case of the lipstick and gloss I've been putting them to good use by mixing and layering. I have enough dark lip colors that can be toned down a little for the season.

Duchess Rose is not the first time I've come across Laura Mercier's Satin Lip colour formula. I was in love with Currant but had to pass because the semi-matte texture didn't work for me. This problem is less acute in this much lighter color, and since I have to blend the lipstick with other products anyway, it's even less of an issue. Duchess Rose was more appealing to me in the tube. When applied it's a bit too warm and peachy to look good on me. It's also significantly lighter than my naked lips, which is not a look I'm comfortable wearing.

As you can see, the lip pencil in Natural Lips doesn't match the lipstick. It doesn't match anything else, either, and definitely doesn't look natural. I'm not sure who might have lips in this light brown or why would anyone want to have them. This liner was definitely a dud for me.

The Lip Glace in Bare Beige managed to get me interested in other Laura Mercier lip glosses. While the color is nothing to write home about (I apply it over red), the texture is very pleasant and light, the shimmer is subtle and the shine last after one drink. I see Brownberry in my future.

All these products in full size($19-$22)  are available from Most decent department stores stock at least some of them.

Photos by me.


  1. Laura is ok, but am I the only one that is soooooo bored with this line and don't even care about it when there is so much exciting products out there! It does the job but others do it better and with style!

  2. I bought brownberry yesterday after a heavy recommend from a friend. Love it. Great texture, great color, not sticky. Sort of scented but not overpowering. Nice over lipstick or on its own.


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