Thursday, June 03, 2010

Is it just me or...

Is it just me or…

… have the beauty events/GWP  this season been really lame?
…it’s been a while since we’ve seen anything exciting from Bobbi Brown?
...does the word "vacay" need to go away and never return?
… has Heidi Montag become even more desperate?
…clogs aside, this is a very good shoe season, right?
…has Facebook become Spam Central?
…is it time for something new and exciting (and maybe even ultra feminine) from Frederic Malle?



  1. It's not just you. You are right on all points.

    GWP and Beauty Events have been SUPER lame lately, which I find surprising given the state of the economy. Companies should be better with GWP incentives or samples to the consumers who spend their money and give them their business.

    Also right on point with BB. She seems to have tried to expand her line, but in the wrong directions. I don't like her glittery stuff. Not attractive! What happened to the classic Bobbi Brown with chic fresh looks and classic-with-a-modern-twist collections?!

    I'm not up to date on slang, Heidi Montag or shoe trends, lol :)

    YES it's time for something new and exciting and ultra feminine. Not this trendy wanna-be-cutting-edge junk or uber-boring stuff that seems to be rampant in recent releases.

  2. Have you seen the promo pics for the Bobbi Brown Denim collection? The palette is almost too tacky for words.

    GWPs and beauty events have been incredibly lacking lately. There's just no incentive to buy anymore.

    Heidi Montag needs to disappear in a black hole and take Spencer, LiLo, the Kardashians, and all those other fame whores with her.

    ...I need to try a Malle besides Lipstick Rose and Carnal Flower. I need something that smells like funky men's deodorant =/ I have weird tastes in scents.

  3. SO not just you. I hear you loud and clear, sister.

  4. Funnily, the UK counters have stepped up with the GWPs, and UK online beauty stores are really doing some excellent ones.

    Urgh, the Denim collection. Not feeling it at all, and the promotional picture with the model in dungarees and Mr T style pearls is all wrong.

    Heidi Montag is increasingly sad to me, I just want someone to take her in hand.

    Joey - You need to try a sample of OJ Zizan!

  5. Yes! We need something new and exciting by frederic Malle!
    Something feminine and lush!
    Hopefully from Monsieur Ropion!
    I love beyond words his Carnal Flower and Une Fleur de Cassie.
    I would bring them with me in my time capsule, should I ever take the trip.
    I want more of his magic for Frederic malle!

  6. Nice post- love your thoughts. BB's Cabo Coral was a good collection, but I agree with Grace--the denim looks underwhelming. I may need to get a TF lipstick to console myself over that disappointment.

    I've thought long and deeply about Heidi M. Have come to the conclusion she knows exactly what she's doing in the short run. Unfortunately, life is never about the short run is it.

  7. Totally agree on the GWP and Beauty Events. I just went to Neiman Marcus for their Beauty Event and got a typical summer bag (overdone) with only three little samples-not even deluxe size! So not worth it!

    And you're right only everything else too!

  8. I follow a couple of Japanese blogs and weep with envy over the gifts that are lavished on those lucky ladies. Our GWP's are, indeed, lame.

    As for BB's collections--meh! I used to love her stuff and now I could care less. She's lost her focus.

    Can we consign "vacay" to the same place we send "lippy"?

    Thumbs up for beautiful shoes and exciting, feminine fragrance. Thumbs down for Montag and spam.

    You're always right on target, Gaia

  9. Oh Eileen! Thank you for sending "lippy" far way too!

    Why are are grown woman using these words and following the lives of of these girls. I never heard of this Heidi until a few a months ago on a beauty blog. Yes, I must be living under a rock. (I don't own a TV)

  10. Yes to all! And mostly I need to know that interesting perfumes are still issuing forth from Frederic Malle; I wonder what will be next?


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