Monday, June 21, 2010

Shiseido Ocean Summer Collection- Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil Black Sand (BK904)

The limited edition Ocean Summer collection is the most exciting release we had from Shiseido in quite some time. Makeup Artistic Director Dick Page has put together a line of deceivingly low-key colors that create an almost sheer summery look that accentuate lips and eyes with just the right amount of drama. While I passed on the gold eye shadow (I already have enough of them) and the bronzer (ditto), I had to have Black Sand (BK 904), the limited edition eyeliner pencil and also the lip products that I'll show you tomorrow.

A quick rummage through my makeup drawers revealed I don't own any other Shiseido eyeliner, and that's going to change soon because I'm very happy and impressed with the Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil's performance. It's soft enough to glide easily without pulling the lid, which is a major consideration for me. The line can be drawn thin or thick and smudged with the sponge tip on the other end of the pencil. Smudging doesn't dilute or fade the rich pigment which stays in place over a lid primer for as long as you need it. I've worn the eyeliner throughout a couple of hot and humid days with several outdoor forays and it didn't budge until I removed it at night. An accidental eye rubbing didn't do much damage, either.

Black Sand is a gorgeous almost black color with a hint of dark olive green and fine gold shimmer. It can be the focus of a dramatic evening look if applied heavily and smudged into a smoky look, but the mellow not-quite black is also very daytime appropriate because it lacks the harshness of a true black. I can't think of anyone who can't pull it off, it's really that easy and flattering.

Bottom line: I wish Black Sand would become part of the regular line.

Shiseido Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil ($20) and the rest of the 2010 Ocean Summer Collection is available from Sephora and most decent department stores, including online.

All photos are mine.


  1. From the swatch, it looks like Clinique's Egyptian eyeliner could be a dupe for this gorgeous color, no?

  2. I can also recommend Shiseido's new single eyeshadows, the colors and quality are fabulous.

  3. Fabulous! Reminds me of the dearly departed Lancome Bronze pencil. Must seek this one out!

  4. This looks so nice. When I swatched it in nordstrom, it was soo hard. Their tester must have been dried out.

  5. Beautiful! I Love Smoothing effects! LOL. Elisabeth

  6. I tested this in Nordstrom's the other day and loved it. It is very nice with taupe eye colors, or a soft gold (smudged well, of course). The day I tested, I forgot a primer but was impressed that it stayed put for most of the day.
    Has anyone tried the lipstick? I really liked that too-but didn't purchase because they were out at the time.

  7. wow, what a lovely color!


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