Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dior Addict

Dior Addict is a guilty pleasure. It's like a semi-trashy chicklit book or an episode of Giuliana & Bill. You know you shouldn't but it's too much fun. Dior Addict is loud, sweet and has no problem announcing its presence with big and bold notes- citrus, somewhat screechy orange blossom and a big sugary vanilla base with a hint of coconut. It's like a treat you buy on the boardwalk, knowing well it's all empty calories but you enjoy every shameful bite.

I never owned a bottle of Dior Addict- only samples and a quick spray at Sephora, just because. But recently I realized I had none left and a quick search found a bottle of the pure parfum on eBay. I didn't even know they made Addict in this concentration (it's probably discontinued at this point), so I had to have it. The extrait  is more or less the same as the EDP, but the harsh plastic note that usually appears before the drydown is missing and making the fragrance a bit smoother. The base is creamier and you actually smell the sandalwood, even though I don't buy the claim it's Mysore.

Addict is obviously a far departure from the classic Dior perfumes. Of course , even the iconic ones are no longer what they used to be (thank you, IFRA and cost reduction-focused perfumery). It's closer in character to some of the Poison flankers, especially Pure Poison, and seems to be aimed toward a generation that wouldn't wear Miss Dior. The ad campaign was loud and vulgar (the above is actually the tame version. In the original the bottle is tucked into her underwear she's in the process of taking off) and couldn't be more different than the gorgeous Rene Gruau illustrations from vintage ads.

Still, some days are more Jersey shore than the Hamptons. A frozen custard from Rita's and Dior Addict feel just right.

Dior Addict ($75, 1.7 oz EDP) is available from Sephora. I'd recommend an online search, though. Some retailers have it for nearly half the price.

2002 ad:
A boardwalk amusement park:

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  1. This is totally how I feel about Addict. It's a guilty pleasure. I know it is brash and loud and gives my husband asthma addicts, but I still like it. It seems like a scent made to cover-up late nights/early mornings and cigarette smoke. It isn't a fragrance I wear frequently (like once a year). Like you said, I think I've only had samples of it my entire life. I've never owned a bottle.
    I forgot where I read it. But, it really stuck with me. "Never wear fragrances to work that have ads that resemble more than foreplay".


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