Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Obsession For Cats by Calvin Klein

...And I'm not talking about my crazy cat lady tendencies. This Wall Street Journal article is the best thing I read today.

Do your pets respond to your perfume? Mine are kind enough to tolerate it, but have never shown much interest.


  1. That is too freakin' funny! I have noticed that my cat is more interested in some of my fragrances than others; LOL!

  2. My cat has come up to me and licked my wrist on occasions where I suppose he was particularly enamored with the scent. He then promptly makes a yucky face and licks himself to make it go away :D

  3. I have heard of zookeepers using perfume to perk the big cats' interest, keeping them from being bored with their surroundings, confined as they are.

    My cats don't seem to notice my perfumes much. Although we do all like to roll around together in the catnip bush in the garden.

    Thanks for the link to the WSJ article!

  4. Fascinating article. Yes zookeepers have long used smells of all sorts (including perfume) for animal enrichment purposes, but I had never heard of wildlife biologists using it. Must be the musk!

    One of my cats ignores my perfume, the other (who has always had a highly developed sense of smell) loves anything with a lot of amber. She'll sniff my arm if I'm wearing something like that. Hates citrus, though

  5. My Rosa (a Tabby of Questionable Taste) does not love my Chanel Anteus, and she's neutral to Dior Fahrenheit, but she just goes crazy over Givenchy's Pi. I guess she just likes gourmands.

    Thank you for linking the article, Gaia.

    Regards from Lawrence in Ohio.

  6. my boys go from wrinkling noses (at what they don't like) to shallow, commentless sniffs (at what they do like). if they like something, they stay. if they don't, they move away. they both have good taste, though. they tend to tolerate the higher-quality juices with more natural molecules and animalic notes. on those, we agree.

    with the exception of the hysterically funny face george once pulled upon smelling le dix on me (he was headed for my lap when he caught a whiff and turned tail), no passionate pussycat snuffling for anything except valerian and spikenard extracts. both of which get delirious reviews, especially from george, who also drools over them.

    they both love catnip, but they're pretty mellow about it.

    and i agree - this was a delightful article. i gave a big bag full of perfume to the houston zoo a couple of years ago, for the big cats. i always wonder what they think when they catch a whiff on a woman in the crowd!


  7. A wonderful article! thanks for sharing. No cats here (only Rottweilers, who don't care much what I wear) but if I ever get a 450-lb Siberian Tiger I'll know just what to scent his bed with!


  8. Long ago, when I still kept my perfume in the bathroom (horrors!), I had a dog who would come in when I sprayed myself, sniff the air appreciatively, and then rub his head on the bathmat.


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