Thursday, April 04, 2013

Chanel Glossimer: Crushed Cherry, Daydream

It's been a while since Chanel released so many new shades of Glossimer at once. The new summer colors are heavy on the berry, which personally I find utterly delightful (there's also a clear one, Ocean Shimmer, but it's hard to be excited about that). Several of the new Chanel glosses are also extremely shimmery and shiny; bordering on glitter, actually. But they're very pretty and the colors are flattering, so I allowed myself one shimmer bomb.

I picked Crushed Cherry (176), a dark burgundy with a smooth shiny finish with no actual shimmer, and Daydream (174), a deep hot pink high shimmer (metallic particles). Both are very rich in pigment and can be worn alone without a lipstick base. The particles in Daydream are visible, but the texture isn't gritty at all (especially compared to Chanel Glossimers of a decade ago). It's about half a tone rosier than my natural lip color, so it adds more than just shine and shimmer. Crushed Cherry is like a sheer liquid lipstick, just dramatic enough to make the look. I adore both.

Chanel Glossimers are classic lip glosses. They're moisturizing, somewhat plumping, start a little sticky but settle nicely and comfortably on the lips. These Glossimers don't contain fragrance (I checked the boxes) and I can't detect any scent, natural or artificial.

Bottom Line: As long as Chanel keeps making Glossimers I'll be at the counter buying them.

Chanel Glossimer in Crushed Cherry and Daydream (and the rest of the Collection Révélation, $29.50 each) are available on and at Saks, the rest of Chanel counters will be getting them any day now.

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  1. Crushed Cherry MUST be mine. It looks like everything I had hoped Jalousie would be, but which ended up being too vivid.


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