Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Addiction- Concrete Jungle Eye Shadow

Concrete Jungle eye shadow from Japanese brand Addiction by Ayako is a lavender gray with a sophisticated satin finish. Several eye shadows in the past have been described as lavender/lilac/purple gray or taupe, but apparently, none of them looks like Concrete Jungle. You can see that Le Metier de Beaute Mulberry is significantly warmer, NARS Lhasa is darker, Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicate Hummingbird is decidedly more purple, and Edward Bess Storm (discontinued) is frostier.

Like all Addiction eye shadows, Concrete Jungle feels like velvet. A very pigmented velvet. You need very little product to get some serious impact. I also suggest you play with your brushes until you find what works for your technique and the eye shadow's texture. Blending is very easy, though, and this particular color is incredibly versatile. Try it with a cobalt blue-- eyeliner or eye shadow-- for some serious drama.

Addiction Concrete Jungle Eye Shadow is available in select Japanese department stores (¥2000 JPY) or online through with a substantial markup (¥3200JPY, free shipping).


  1. first, I love your new layout and second, this shade is SO beautiful! I love the murkiness there a lot. I wish Addiction had counters all over the world, I like this brand, they could release some new interesting stuff though ;) / Claire xxx


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