Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sisley Paris- Copper Touch

Sisley Copper Touch is a cream bronzer in a small (the size of an eye shadow) compact. It's part of a three color range that also includes two highlighters in white (Silver Touch) and pale gold (Golden Touch). I was intrigued by the concept, and since I have enough highlighters to cover an entire clan of Cullen vampires I chose the bronzer, Sisley Copper Touch.

I'm disappointed. Sisley product are usually made of awesome, but the waxy texture and visible particles (both pigment and shimmer) are not the stuff of dreams. The little sponge applicator is the most useless tool you can imagine. This bronzer should be applied with fingers or with a small and dense flat top brush that can buff the product into the skin. On the plus side, the pigmentation level is very good, so you only need a little dab, and the bronzer can be sheered nicely into a summery looking tan. Good blending is a must because otherwise the particles will make you look muddy.

Since Copper Touch is quite shimmery you should only apply it where shimmer is acceptable, such as the top of the cheekbones. I'd say it combines a highlighter and a bronzer, so have that in mind. It can work on a summer night, I guess, and have tropical vacation feel. The small size makes it a good travel companion, so maybe that's what the good people at Sisley had in mind. But Copper Touch is not an everyday product, and   there are better multitaskers out there that can give you a similar look.

Bottom Line: meh.

Sisley Paris- Copper Touch ($42) is available from select department stores.


  1. on a side note, rouge bunny rouge liquid bronzer is awesome!

  2. I can't for the life of me make the 3 Touch products work on my skin, be it face or cleavage/shoulders.
    I now use them only in my lids and that sparingly, because I can't put them on! No brush can pick them up and if I use my finger (best results) I pick up a lot of product and it's just so wasteful.
    I am so happy with Sisley eye shadows (my first love!) and I do not really understand the purpose of this product.


  3. I use the copper touch as a contour eyeshadow in my deepset eyes. It isn't too dark. And then I use gold or champagne eyeshadow to highlight. I am older and get compliments on my eyes all the time. It works for me. The spnge applicator is useless, but other than that, I love this color that is dark enough to use for contour and yet not too dark.


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