Monday, April 22, 2013

Currently- April 2013

Photography books. Trying to learn how to get the most from my camera. I'm not quite there, unfortunately.

Ari Hest- Bird Never Flies

Guerlain Philtre d'Amour.It cheers me up.

The bluer the merrier.

Frequently Worn Item/Outfit
Jersey dresses, long and short. Nothing is more flattering.

Had pizza yesterday for the first time in forever. Loved every bite.

Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure
I spent far too much time today on Facebook looking at stuff old classmates posted in our class reunion group. I was smirking and feeling slightly superior. I really should leave that group as it's not good for my soul.

Living on Allegra.

Sharing beloved perfumes with beloved friends.

A mini vacation.

Nothing in particular, though I have yet to find my perfect summer bag.

Random Thought
Are beige lips really back? I hate this look on Jennifer Lawrence.

How are you? Please comment with your recommendations, banes, joys and random thoughts!

Top image: April Showers (1914) by Will Hammell - ‘The Designer’ magazine


  1. That lip color is terrible, but I'm loving her haircut! I might be inspired by that length :-)

    Hope your allergies get better!

  2. Allergies are the worst. I hope yours are somewhat manageable! xo

    I'm trying desperately to finish "The Perfume Lover," because I very strongly dislike the book. I have a copy of Maggie Nelson's "The Art of Cruelty" waiting impatiently for me to open her.

    Bonobo's latest.

    ELdO Rien, the latest Krigler (whose name I can't spell, but I'm greedily clutching my bottle), and Knize Two - a new surprise love.

    That new Urban Decay Desperation eyeshadow (satin dark grey-taupe), and I have major lust for the new YSL Pure Chromatics #13 palette.

    Frequently Worn Item/Outfit
    Tank, sneakers, hoodie, skinny jeans. I've been in Seattle for nearly two weeks now, with another week and a half to go, and I am loving the uniform.

    I can't even go there. I have eaten so much and so well lately. I had the simplest and most divine pasta dish today: angel hair, an epically shameful amount of fresh butter, fresh sage, and fresh parm.

    Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure
    Gin and St. Germain. In upsettingly large quantities, but the cocktails I've had have been the best of my life.

    Knowing that I do eventually have to return to NYC.

    The person I'm spending time with in Seattle.

    Visiting Portland this week.

    Too much makeup to even list. Habanita de Molinard. Tauer's Miriam. The new CdC Black. Money.

    Random Thought
    Why do I keep tripping?

  3. Hahahahahaha! I saw the J. L. photo yesterday and thought, "This is going to be something Gaia will post!" I agree, just looks weird.

  4. I really look forward to this post!

    Book: Just finished "By Blood" by Ellen Ullman & started "How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia". Highly recommend both.

    Music: Sweet, sweet silence. I've been needing quiet time.

    Perfume: Testing all my Tom Ford samples to see what's next. I think I'm coming around on Lavender Palm again.

    Makeup: Truly enamored of Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer, and adoring Cargo mascara. I was at a wedding in NYC a few weeks ago and everyone commented on how amazing my eyelashes looked!

    Frequently Worn Item/Outfit: I grabbed a long cardigan on the aforementioned trip to NYC, at H&M where I rarely shop. I've been wearing it non-stop with jeans, layered tanks, and flats.

    Food: Artichokes, tomatoes with balsamic, olives. Twice a day.

    Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Long breaks to cuddle my dog (and comment on blogs) when I should be working.

    Bane: Summer is coming in Houston. Ugh. I hate hating summer.

    Joy: My old dog. She really is the best.

    Anticipation: Taking as many trips as possible out of Houston between June and October.

    Wishlist: I really need a new phone, but summer sandals! I want many.

    Random thought: This house is not going to clean itself.

  5. Gaia, have you ever tried Flonase nasal spray? I've managed to avoid reacting to DC's nasty tree pollen by starting this a few weeks before the peak.

    It's cool here, and I've been wearing DSH Mata Hari, which I bought unsniffed after you reviewed it. Just perfect! ~~nozknoz

  6. Book: Cleopatra, A Life by Stacy Schiff

    Music: Brandenburg Concertos performed by Musica Antigua Köln--a beautiful whirlwind of sound and joy!

    Perfume: Tom Ford's Café Rose

    Makeup: Nothing today because I had IPL this morning and like to give my face the day off after being zapped :-)

    Frequently worn outfit: Jeans and a workshirt. I've been cleaning out the garage the past so days.

    Food: Ripe, juicy berries fresh from the field and warm from the sun.

    Guilty Pleasure: Just sitting here having a lazy day, reading blogs, listening to all the birds singing.


    Joy: Today is just one of those magical days when joy is to be found in everything I do.

    Anticipation: Chatting with my aunt who lives in France. We have a Skype date :-)

    Wishlist: Tom Ford's Fire Lust Skin Illuminator.

    Random thought: In addition to beige lips, nude nails are also supposed to be making a return. I guess that's in response to the 70's disco era eye colors we've been seeing for summer.

  7. Book: Shocked My Mother, Sciapparelli, and Me, by Patricia Volk. Fascinating! Also read recently; Grace, by Grace Coddington. Good, but not quite as compelling as Shocked.

    Scent: Mixing Givency Pi with Viktor and Rolf's Spicebomb, with surprisingly non-awful results.

    Clothes: Jeans, polos, and New Balance.

    Bane: Pollen. Treatment, store brand Zyrtec pills.

    Food: Potatoes. Baked, mashed, fried, steamed, salad and in desperate moments, microwaved.

    Guilty pleasure: See immediately above, with butter, olive oil, or mayonnaise.

    Joy: Seeing my great nephew in two months.

    Anticipation: Elinor Lipman's newest novel, The View From Penthouse B.

    Wishlist: a non-greasy, non stinky sunscreen that also repels mosquitoes!

    Lawrence in Ohio


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