Monday, April 08, 2013

IMATS NYC 2013: Playing With Color

Sunshine has returned to NYC and so did IMATS, the annual trade show for makeup artists and everyone who loves colors, texture, and shiny things that go on your face and body. Pier 94 was bustling with activity-competitions, demonstrations and long lines of people eager to get their hands on the goods. Unlike last year, there were less luxury consumer brands. Still, the most crowded booths belonged to the ones that can also be found at retail stores. The long line below stretched before Dermalogica's presentation, and the six row thick  mass of people you see underneath surrounded Inglot.

Eve Pearl offered excellent demonstrations and consultations about foundation and concealer matching. The booth was professionally lit so you could really see the colors and undertones:

I had fun perusing professional makeup brands such as Graftobian, Kryolan and Ben Nye. No, I don't need a full coverage foundation palette or eleventy seven red and yellow eye shadows, but it was interesting to see how much textures have improved for these products.

Lashes. I can dream.

There were several body painting stations with gorgeous models:

The highlight of my day was the Hakuhodo display. The wonderful brushes were beautifully presented and people were sighing with pleasure at the softness of the bristles. There are interesting coming up for Hakuhodo which I'll tell you about as soon as I'm allowed.

S100 series
Kokutan travel set. These brushes are tiny.
Mizubake and all the Yachiyos
The view from inside the booth

IMATS shows are a yearly occurrence in major cities (New York, Los Angeles, London, Vancouver, Toronto and London). The public can buy tickets for one or two of the show's days, while professional makeup artists can also attend workshops and lectures. I was provided with a free press pass by IMATS PR.

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  1. Ooooh, I'm intrigued by the Hakuhodo comment!

    I'm glad you enjoyed! Your pictures are wonderful. (I think about going to IMATS every year and then realize I wouldn't be able to deal with the crowds.)


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