Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dior Summer 2013 Nude Tan Paradise Blush- Pink Glow, Coral Glow

Nude Tan Paradise Blush in Pink Glow and Coral Glow are the two limited edition bronzer/blush duos from Dior Bird Of Paradise Summer 2013 collection. They come in a luxurious packaging- beautiful compacts with a mini kabuki brush that's actually usable (not the softest one ever, but it works) and has its own velveteen pouch. The compacts sport the Dior quilted pattern that also repeats inside.

The elegance continues in the actual products. Pink Glow is the cooler tone version while Coral Glow is obviously warmer. But they don't go to extremes- there's neither a true orange nor Barbie pink, making the blushes/bronzer wearable for a broad range of skin tones. I can wear both since I'm more neutral (green) than warm. The light bronzer of Pink Glow is especially appealing as I don't want to look too Jersey Shore. The Coral Glow bronzer is decidedly yellow and I find that I like it more swirled and mixed with the blush for a more believable shade.

Bot Dior Nude Tan duos are soft, smooth and very finely milled. They obviously impart a glow with no shimmer particles and can be applied as sheer or as dramatic as you wish. I actually really like swirling a larger fluffy brush (Dior Summer Blush Brush that came as part of the Bird Of Paradise Collection is a good fit) over both colors and applying it as an (almost) all-over color. For a more bronzed look you'll need a smaller dense brush (Edward Bess Face Brush works well, as do Hakuhodo kabuki brushes). If you're very very pale I recommend a fan brush. For blush-only application just about any small/medium blush brush will do (Hakuhodo 103-type, Hakuhodo 201, Shu Uemura 20 or a medium Yachiyo).

Bottom Line: so pretty.

Dior Summer 2013 Nude Tan Paradise Blush- Pink Glow, Coral Glow ($56 each) are available at the counters and online.


  1. Hi Gaia
    You can help me! I can't see these products where I live and I have to buy online. So, can you recommend some good fan brushes for sheer application?
    Plus, if it is no troble, can you tell how these compare to Chanel Soleil Tan Bronzers/blushes from 2011 (rose bronze, coral bronze)?
    Thank you

  2. On dior magazine I saw them using the summer blush brush for applying these I do not think I can bring myself to return the summer blush brush and as I just purchursed the coral glow which is also so beautiful much more in real life I think. Are you getting used to using you summer brush?


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