Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pierre Hardy for NARS Nail Polish Pairs- Vertebra, Easy Walking

My two picks from Pierre Hardy for NARS Nail Polish Pairs were Vertebra and Easy Walking. I love my classics, and these duos were right up my alley. I was a bit worried about the coral shade in Vertebra, but it turned out to be my favorite of them all-- it's bright, summery, and somehow manages to also be very flattering (not all corals are). Right now I'm still sporting all four shades at once (beauty bloggers live dangerously), but by tomorrow I will do both my hands with this gorgeous color. The other side of Vertebra is a sophisticated brown-based rose, while Easy Walking offers a metallic rose gold and a cream camel. I like both very much and find them easy to wear.

I admit that until the package from NARS landed on my doorstep it's been years since I had a NARS nail polish. I remember buying several colors long before I started blogging, but didn't love any of them. Apparently, things have changed since then-- I was delighted with the current formula- while the coral was a bit thicker than the others and I had to be mindful about even application- all four colors are opaque and true to the bottle. One coat of is enough, which is the best thing that can happen to me in regards to nail polish. Fewer coat= less chances to mess up.

The cream finish looks glossy and smooth, the metallic one is shiny and somewhat futuristic, and all four colors have a high-end expensive look. I've only had the polishes for two days, so I can't comment about durability beyond he basic fact that I'm very hard on my nails and so far so good. There's no wear to tips after doing minor housework, opening packages and engaging in some feline waste management.

The packaging of Pierre Hardy for NARS Nail Polish Pairs is pretty and fun. Each pair comes in a glossy white box and has a dust bag inside-- like Pierre Hardy shoes. The beautiful presentation is gift-worthy (Mother's Day, anyone?). Now, if they only came with a complimentary pair of Pierre Hardy shoes.

Bottom Line: I think I also want Sharpline. The burgundy is calling my name.

Pierre Hardy for NARS Nail Polish Pairs ($29 per duo) are available from The products for this review were sent to me by the company.

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  1. Hi Gaia, I'm loving NARS Vertebra here--- it looks like such a wearable combo!


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