Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Pierre Hardy For NARS Collection

There's some major beauty news today: A collaboration between NARS and designer Pierre Hardy. The limited edition collection (available beginning May 1st at narscosmetics.com) will include two blushes:

Rotonde (tiger lily) and Boys Don't Cry (pink grapefruit), and six nail polish duos that come in a mini "shoe box" with a matching dust bag:

orange, navy
peach, burgundy
coral, dusty rose
rose gold, camel
yellow, lavender
gunmetal, black (exclusive to NARS boutiques and the website)

I'm in love with the shoes, of course, and also with the cuff (pictured next to the blushes).


  1. Gaia, this is a lovely new set-up. I like the clarity of the page/scroll although I was used to the neveloping darkness of the previous one. Great new house for the non-blonde. I adore the cuff and the shoes too :)
    much love!

  2. Hi Gaia,

    I love the promotional photos next to the shoes and cuff --- how beautiful! I might be interested in the nail duos, but I'll have to wait and see!

    Also, I love your new blog layout! It's refreshing, but still very Non-Blonde :)

  3. I too, love the shoes and the cuff. I'm only thrilled with both polished in Vertebra. Otherwise I like one half of each of the remaining duos. So it would seem a waste of money and polish for me to purchase the duos. I wish they offered each shade individually.


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