Monday, April 15, 2013

Rouge Bunny Rouge- Whim Of Mine Lipstick, Marco Lip Pencil

Here's my current natural lip obsession: Rouge Bunny Rouge Colour Burst lipstick in Whim Of Mine and Rouge Bunny Rouge lip pencil in Marco. Both are excellent and effortless products that work any time and any place. Rouge Bunny Rouge website describes Whim Of Mine as "Creamy, satin-finish, elegant raspberry ripple pink", and while they're spot-on regarding the finish, the color itself is significantly warmer than raspberry. I'd say it's a medium rose that should look flattering on most skin tones. For me it's a slightly warmer version of my natural lip color, making it an essential color for many summery looks.

The formula is creamy and very soothing. The lipstick is very lightly scented, but unless you're extremely sensitive to these things I doubt it would better you. Wear time is average on its own, but can be extended considerably when used over a lip liner, which is what I tend to do. This brings us to Rouge Bunny Rouge Marco lip pencil. This is a matte pencil in the exact same shade of my lips. It is a bit dry (especially when compared to Rouge Bunny Rouge lipstick), but creates a perfect base for lipsticks, lip glosses and mixes with balms for a beautiful nude/no makeup look. I use it so much that my pencil has become significantly shorter since I took the pictures.

Bottom Line: need backup.

Rouge Bunny Rouge- Whim Of Mine Lipstick ($24) and Marco Lip Pencil ($23) are available from BeautyHabit, Zuneta and The products for this review were sent to me free of charge.

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  1. That lipstick looks like a really pretty color! I have to try RBR lipsticks soon! I'm missing out!


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