Monday, April 29, 2013

Chanel Lilis Le Vernis For Summer 2013

As promised, here are the comparison shots of the new Chanel Lilis Le Vernis For Summer 2013 (L'Ete Papillon de Chanel Collection) and NARS Vertebra (from NARS x Pierre Hardy Collection). Both are limited edition, gorgeous and obviously coral. The NARS polish is part of a duo, so you can't get it separately. Vertebra is more pink next to the vibrant Lilis, and so far it looks like it also wears better (Lilis suffers from the same tendency of early tip chipping as many Chanel  polishes), but Chanel has a more complex finish-- it's a cream but just enhanced enough to glow a little. Chanel fans have seen it before.

Do you need both? No, not really. There's a difference, obviously, but they give the same look. I got Vertebra from NARS PR and bought Lilis. I consider them interchangeable and a backup for each other as this is my absolute favorite color for this summer and plan to wear it on hands and toes. You can see more Chanel comparisons on The Beauty Look Book (Sabrina also got the other two Summer 2013 Chanel Le Vernis colors, both are metallic and blue).

Bottom Line: Delightful.

Chanel Lilis Le Vernis For Summer 2013 ($30) is available from the counters and on

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  1. Thank you for the link love. I'm anxiously (am impatiently) waiting for the NARS Pierre Hardy collection to arrive at counters. I know it's any day now but I love the swatch of the one you showed above. It will be on my nails as soon as I buy it :)


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