Thursday, April 11, 2013

Valentino- Vendetta

Vendetta from Valentino came out in 1991 and even then it didn't smell very current. Add to that the horrible name (an utter misnomer for a basic sweet floral) and what you get is a doomed fragrance. Vendetta is a heavier and sweeter play on a theme similar to that of the original Valentino perfume, but it takes everything a step or two further: more green, more leaves, more flowers. And even more flowers. While the 1970s Valentino was a bit chilly and aloof with some chypre tendencies, Vendetta has none of that refinement but feels warmer and has some of the big hair of the preceding decade.

I have a bottle of the extrait de parfum (some kind of a numbered limited edition is a beautiful bottle in a blue satin ensconced box) and even in this concentration some of the floral notes clash with each other and raise their voice a little too much (amplified by the aldehydic opening that takes the flowers to high heaven) during the first 20 minutes or so. Don't get me wrong: there's enough greenery and a beautiful marigold (tagetes) note to make me wear  Vendetta and enjoy it, but that little disharmony is annoying. It's the honeyed core that  follows and soothes me that makes the journey worth it. I can't help it: flowers in full bloom warmed by the sun and enriched with honey provide that satisfying and dreamy midsummer serenity, like taking a nap in a utterly fictional garden.

The dry-down of Vendetta is the standard amber-wood-vanilla thing. It's good if your skin loves these sort of base (mine does), and bad if you don't like sweet florientals. I can't say that it's particularly memorable, but it's nice. I'd suggest giving it a try if you like the idea behind perfumes such as Tiffany, Panthere de Cartier or Jil Sander No.4 but find them too heavy or dense. Otherwise you can safely skip this one.

Notes: aldehydes, peach, plum, orange blossom, green notes, tagetes, bergamot, rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, carnation, orris, tuberose, orchid, honey, heliotrope, vanilla, benzoin, tonka, amber, cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, musk, vetiver.

Vendetta by Valentino was discontinued around the early-to-mid 2000s but can still be found online and at mall kiosks.

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  1. I liked this fragrance when I smelled it back in the day. My only issue with it was the name: Vendetta. Vendetta as a word seems like something that would be dark, smoky, whiskey-soaked, with a hint of gardenia for that film-noir edge. Calling this inoffensive little floral "Vendetta" is like advertising Fracas with kittens wearing jammies with feet.


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