Monday, April 15, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust Nail Polish Collection

 Textured nails are not exactly my thing, but even I can't escape the allure of shiny things. Zoya Pixie Dust collection offers six shades of all-glitter polish. It's better than those sets that have you paint your nails in a base color and then stick them while wet into pots of glitter, beads or other odd substances making a royal mess not matter how careful and prepared you are (or maybe it's just klutzy me. I managed to strew glitter all over my sister's living room when doing my niece's nails with a Ciate kit). Zoya's Pixie Dust polishes have a dry feel and sort of a matte finish, except that your nails are covered with glitter to the point it looks like they're made of it.

The gritty textured nail surface feels a little weird and not everyone can deal with it. It took me a while to get used to the way my nails felt and I find that 3 days is my limit, but I see the appeal. My color of choice is Miranda, which is somewhere between raspberry and rose. It's the only shade in the collection that looks flattering against my skin, though I do have a weakness for the purple Stevie and the coral red Destiny. I do wish that Pixie Dust came in more colors, including neutral ones. Miranda is elegant and relatively low-key. I'm more likely to wear something this glittery in a nude, taupe or ballet pink base.

Zoya Pixie Dust polish requires using no base or top coat. You apply it straight on the nail and wait 10 minutes between coats. If you only do one coat the look is more sheer and almost acceptable for daytime- that's how I'm wearing it in the photos. Two to three coats give you the full opaque effect of the bottle; in my opinion it's better saved for nights out, the all glitter look is not office friendly and some of the shades are Halloween-only as far as my middle-aged self is concerned. I do have to comment on the quality of this long wearing polish. It's easy to apply, the dry texture holds the polish in place, the glitter doesn't migrate or fall off, and the finishes nail is sturdy. I saw some tip wear after three days, but that was when I took the polish off, so I can't comment on further longevity.

Bottom Line: a fun look for the brave.

Zoya Pixie Dust Nail Polish Collection ($9 each) is available at select salons and from The products for this review were press samples.


  1. Hmm, I think Destiny might come home with me sometime. I love the color of it. Also, Zoya does offer the Pixie dust formula in more neutral shades on their website at least:

  2. I own the older collection (a light gray, black, bright red, a nude, a light green, and a sky blue) and love them all. The nude shade (I believe the name is Godiva) really surprised me. I got so many complements on it!

    These are definitely brighter, but I see a couple I might purchase.

  3. How was removal, was it as much of a hassle as traditional glitter polishes?

    1. The glitter is quite tenacious, but I find that it all goes away in one swoop and doesn't leave stubborn particles behind. I use the Pretty Nails sponge thing that you stick your nails in and leave them in a little longer than I do with regular polish.


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