Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ellis Faas Blush: S301, S302, S303, S304

Last year I bought and reviewed the previous incarnation of Ellis Faas blush pens. I liked the idea, the finish of the blushes and the color, but the texture was not what it was aught to be. I was promised then that Ellis Faas was aware of the problem and was already working on a reformulation, so I was thrilled a couple of months ago when I was sent the new version of the blushes in all four shades.

The new Ellis Faas blushes come in a click-pen applicator (the old version had a sponge). The consistency is of a lotion, but it dries down to a skin-like matte texture. The blushes are saturated with pigment that can be blended and sheered as much as you need. Once dry the blushes are set in place and don't move, melt or fade, making this lightweight formula a great companion on a hot day (we had a couple of those lately). While the initial pen clicking tends to produce about 50% more product than any face needs, I find that upon consecutive uses you have a better control at the dispensed amount (that's true for all Ellis Faas pen applicators). I clean the plastic hair with a makeup removing wipe, so there's no gunk left. I dot some blush on the back of my hand, dab it where needed and blend either with my fingers or with a dense flat-top brush. I've also been experimenting blending the blush with moisturizers and foundations, as well as applying by patting the skin with a flat paddle brush. There are many ways to use Ellis Faas products which makes them incredibly appealing to me- I love playing with my makeup, blending and mixing.

Ellis Faas blush comes in four shades:
S301- a light peachy pink
S302- a light coral peach, slightly brighter than S301
S303- bronze, can (and should) be used as a cream bronzer, has some shimmer.
S304- a warm red and very flattering red

All four shades are easy to wear in whatever intensity that suits you. True to Ellis Faas's motto,  the colors are natural looking and appear to be part of the skin. Yes, even the bronze, that I sheer to a light sun-kissed look (also looks nice on the eyes).

Bottom Line: I'm delighted with the new formula and finding myself  successfully wearing shades I never thought could work on my skin.

Ellis Faas Blush ($32) is available from ellisfaas.com. Also on Sephora online, but I'd urge you to make sure you're ordering the new version and not the old one with the sponge tip. The products for this review were sent to me free of charge by the company.


  1. I guess it is a good thing that slight changes have been made in the design. Unfortunately for me I have two faulty blush pens (sponges). In frustration, I took a part the pens and found large amounts of product dried up in the chambers. For me I have lost all confidence and respect for the line because I never know what the quality will be. The changes are too little and too late for me.

  2. The blush S304 is perfect for my medium olive skin. It is very natural looking, and I sometimes use the Tatcha water cream to blend it in for a tiny bit of lustre. Once I made sure to clean the brush every week using the same double cleanse I use daily for my skin, I had no problems with brush clogging or product drying.


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