Friday, April 12, 2013

Michael Kors Beauty Collection: Coming Soon

Michael Kors has been threatening for a long time to expand his fragrance line and venture into color cosmetics. Now he's about to deliver as he and Estee Lauder (his longtime fragrance licensee) are taking their cooperation into the next level (just as Lauder did with Tom Ford) by creating the Michael Kors Beauty Collection. The designer defines the style of his label as sporty, sexy, and glam. Each of these key terms will have a fragrance (centered around citrus, amber, and jasmine respectively) as well as a corresponding color range. From WWD:

"...two $24 Lip Lacquer shades, two $24 Lip Luster gloss products and two $18 nail polishes apiece. Colors range from Diva Lip Lacquer and Hint Nail Lacquer, both nude-taupes in the Sporty range, to Sexy’s blue-red Bombshell Lip Lacquer and scarlet Sensation Nail Lacquer, to Glam’s edgy plum Icon Lip Luster and dark violet Envy Nail Lacquer. Three $50 Bronze Powders — Glow, intended to add light to skin; Flush, a shimmery tan, and Beam, a deep coppery glow — will also be offered, along with a $45 Bronze Powder Brush."

Yes, Michael Kors is known for liking his bronzers. I hope the products turn out just a little less orange and leathery than Kors himself, and not as blonde-oriented as the publicity images appear to be so far. There's also going to be a line of new bath and body products (remember Michael Kors Leg Shine?) and after-sun care.

 Michael Kors feels that he knows his customer intimately and understands exactly what's missing from her life and what she wants. Part of it is thanks to his involvement in social media ( over a million followers on Twitter and 5 million likes on his Facebook page):
"To me, that’s just a huge global trunk show — we’re communicating back and forth. It’s like a trunk show in someone’s home — it’s the ultimate Tupperware party,”
But also, this is how he sees himself relating to the imaginary Kors Woman:
"In my brain, I’m maybe a little like Almodóvar or Fellini, where I have all these female characters floating in my head.”
Umm, ok. Whatever.

In any case, the Fellini Michael Kors beauty collection will be exclusive to Macy's for the first year (The Bay in Canada and Michael Kors flagship stores in the rest of the world). The products will launch in August.

How do you feel about it? Anything excited you in particular?

Photos and info: WWD.


  1. As much as I don't like his Fashion line, I didn't find anything that would attract me: pale, uniform-like character of products.

    Cooperation with EL? Ah! The products, exactly like Tom Ford's ones, are stuffed with gluten.

    Did I say not for me already?!

  2. I can't remember the last time I was interested in anything that Mr. Kors has done. I'm also not particularly interested in bronzers and shades of beige/camel/tan/nude. So I'll pass on this collection.

    Also, Almodovar? really? Has he ever *looked* at the women in an Almodovar film?

    But thank you for the update! ;)

  3. his cosmetics look gaudy and cheap. i'm 26 and his products do not appeal to me. i wonder who is target audience is?

  4. If it gets to my shores in Australia it will be $$$ and still boring!

  5. All I can say is "Meh". Doesn't strike me as anything new, unusual or unique. As a woman of a certain age, I am clearly not in anyone's target demographic.

  6. I think it will be very successful because he does represent a popular look in the American aesthetic. You cannot even fit Tom Ford's ego with MK's on the same beauty counter.

  7. what you said: "ummm. ok. whatever."

    none of the colors pictured is even slightly interesting or something i could wear, and they look like things EL is already pumping out, so... why bother?

    just another way to cash in on his name power. it's a business move, nothing more.

    and yes, as someone else said, has he ever really looked at the women in those films?!


  8. Boring, just boring. This has all been done before. How many designers have started cosmetic companies in the last few years? It all smacks of opportunism to me. Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein (after how many failures again?), Christian Louboutin (any others I'm missing?), none of them are anything new. They're all just cashing in. Although I can say for Tom Ford at least, there was a smaller line before, still not interested in his products though.

    Also, notice how the packaging of this line looks very similar to Aerin? Clearly not much original thought there from the Estee Lauder team. I just think that with all these new designer cosmetics, they're not bringing anything new to an already saturated market (much as I love variety).

    The only brand I can think of that seems to have done things sincerely in recent years is Burberry. Everything in the brand seems to have been done very thoughtfully and carefully. From packaging to quality and colours that really do reflect the house, every step of the way, Burberry's intentions just seem more genuine.


  9. Judging from cosmetic collaborations that he's done in the past, I think Kors' dream woman is a vacuous blonde who spends her days lounging by the pool in full makeup as if to say, "Aren't I privileged to be so blond, tanned, and glamorous?" It just seems so terribly tired and dated.

  10. I think those nudes are very pretty on her, but those are the exact nudes that make me look ill.

    If the quality is anything like Aerin, I am completely uninterested. Burberry's prices are bananas, but at least I feel like I'm getting a really superlative quality product. Whereas with Aerin (and I'm assuming Michael's) it's just Estée Lauder with cheaper packaging and inexplicably higher prices.

    Prove me wrong, Michael, prove me wrong.

  11. Michael Kors fashion is not that bad, in comparison, although a little vulgar. As kristina C pointed out: "...he does represent a popular look in the American aesthetic." This is also my impression, somehow.

    However, I wouldn't give a Lip Luster gloss product by Michael Kors to my wife on Valentines day. There are other brands which are doing a better job


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