Monday, April 22, 2013

Dior Blue Lagoon Eye Shadow Palette Summer 2013 Bird Of Paradise Collection

Blue Lagoon eye shadow quint from Dior Summer 2013 Bird Of Paradise Collection may be the most beautiful Dior palette I own. The vivid tropical blue eye shadows make me think about about a dream vacation, an island fantasy and just a touch of 1970s nostalgia, though the shades are modern, complex and sophisticated. The texture is satin with a subtle shimmer, easy to blend and offers many different looks (used with neutrals, golds, or bronze eye shadows and liners).

The stars of Dior Blue Lagoon (#374) are the center color and the two on the left. They're saturated with pigment and utterly stunning. The one in the center and the bottom right one are quite unique and have multi colored micro-shimmer that make them stand out among other blue eye shadows I have. You can use them to contour, line or add a bright pop of color in the center of a taupe lid. I'm still learning all that I can do with this palette, but it's clear that these three shades are already among my favorite eye shadows.

The two shades on the right are far less impressive. Neither the baby blue nor the green aqua offer much color payoff, and they remind me too much of Dior Cruise Mono eye shadow. They need a creamy primer underneath to make any impact, and even then I assume that they're better suited for a pale complexion.

Bottom Line: worth it if you can wear most of the colors.

Dior Blue Lagoon Eye Shadow Palette Summer 2013 Bird Of Paradise Collection ($60) is arriving at the counters and can already be found at Nordstrom, in store and online.


  1. I smiled when I read your comment about the 70's because my first thought when promo picks for Chanel, Dior, and Lancôme's summer collections began to surface was, "Wow! We're having a 70's moment here!" The lower left shade of the quint, in particular, is very similar to one I used to wear when I'd go dancing :-)

  2. This looks almost like a dupe for Nars Cap Ferratt from a few summers ago. It's wearable if you're really careful not to pile on too much. Otherwise you'll look like a Vegas showgirl.

  3. I also had trouble with the two lighter colors, but I really liked the other three. I was more impressed with Blue Lagoon in person than I was with the promo pictures, which rarely happens. I love your suggestions on other colors to use with this palette. I just bought Chanel's gold eyeshadow stick, so I suspect I'll be trying that with Blue Lagoon soon enough.


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