Sunday, September 19, 2010

Are Bloggers The New Black?

I wasn't around this Fashion Week. My brother-in-law, the Blond's little brother, got married last week, so we were away for the entire time. I missed all the shows, parties and events, not to mention FNO festivities. I was a little disappointed, but in the grand scheme of things it didn't really matter. I saw the photos on WWD, skimmed some articles and took a couple of notes for future reference. I admit to not reading 95% of the PR emails giving detailed breakdowns of hair and makeup looks from the shows. I don't post this stuff, after all, and I doubt most of my readers are losing sleep trying to figure out how to recreate this:

Or this:

Something that has become very clear in recent years, though, is that bloggers (fashion, beauty, hair or nail) are now an integral part of the scene. It makes sense, after all. Why should we wait for the magazines (and incestuous relationship with various corporations) to tell us what's going on? I'm not sure why Abe Gurko of I Mean... What?!?, a fashion/pop culture bloggers who is even crankier than me, was surprised:
Leading up to fashion week I was inundated with news about fashion bloggers. New ones, old ones, newly famous ones, bloggers photographed by Anna Wintour, a blogger that actually hired a publicist, others touting their front row-ness, bloggers who were cast in ad campaigns, bloggers sponsored by major fashion brands, bloggers with capsule collections, bloggers hosting events…and then I realized…that fashion bloggers are the new black. And that’s not necessarily a good thing.

The phenomenon of fashion bloggers rising to power has surprised me as much as it has magazine publishers. Who would have thunk that in many cases bloggers would be deemed more relevant than established fashion editors; replacing them in the front row and dressed up as the new guard?
Abe is worried this might be a passing fad. I'm not sure why, really. The world and the media have shifted in a very fundamental way. It will take years until we will be able to fully assess the change and the depth of its impact. I don't know where we go from here, but definitely not away. Black is black, no matter who brings you the commentary on how to wear it, and I plan to stay around and tell you which lipstick goes best with it.

Top photo:
Fashion Week photos: WWD


  1. Awesome post, Gaia-your perception is excellent as always. Impressive :)

  2. Gaia - you rock. This is awesome. Love you always :)

  3. You've summed up our brave new instantly interconnected world perfectly.

    I do think that magazines and other traditional media will continue to exist, but they will have to transform, to stretch, to be brave and exciting.

    I am very glad I did a Google search a little over a year ago for reactions to Givenchy Pi, a gift from a loving friend. I am wild for big gourmand scents, perhaps because I AM a big gourmand. Pi smells less like pie, and more like "Warm Oatmeal Cookie" to me.

    Lawrence in Ohio

  4. Amy and Sabrina, you make me feel the warm fuzzies :)
    Your blogs are a big part of the reason readers turn to blogs and find them so satisfying. Lots of love to both of you.

  5. Lawrence, I'm very happy you found your way here, too. Your thoughtful comments always make my day.

  6. You are always so true to yourself, Gaia. You say what you want to say, you feature the products that interest you, and you often serve them up with humor--and that occasional snarky remark! You avoid swooning hyperbole and give fair and honest opinions. You're an interesting woman who has something to say and says it! That's what makes your blog a must read for me and so many others.

  7. I know, as a consumer and non-blogger, that I won't ever buy any cosmetics product anymore without looking for blog reviews - and I'm more likely to trust blogs than to trust magazines.

    Keep doing what you're doing - I love your blog.


  8. Eileen, thank you so much. Such praise from readers who are exactly the kind of people I hoped would read is what keeps me at my laptop day after day.

  9. Adele, my interest in beauty blogging started in 2005, when I realized there had to be a better place to get my fashion and beauty info. I searched, read every blog I could find for months before deciding to start my own. I aimed to write the blog I wanted to read. I wasn't sure anyone else would be interested, let alone the kind of audience I hoped to reach- smart, sophisticated people who shared at least some of my passions. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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