Thursday, September 30, 2010

Laura Mercier Fall Favourites Face Palette Collection (Saks Exclusive)

One of the most beautiful and practical sets of the season comes from Laura Mercier. The Fall Favorites Face Palette Collection is centered around the color palette, but also includes a a full size black mascara and three brushes- cheek, lip and eye. The brushes have short travel size handles but are otherwise full size, high quality and help one get the most of the palette. I wish Bobbi Brown would take notice and do the same with some of her face palettes.

The colors are neutral, wearable and very flattering. I already have a full size pan of Coffee Ground, a matte taupe, which I use often and always pack for travel. As you can see, it coordinates well with the other shades Laura Mercier has included here- Bamboo, Rose and Stellar. The four eye shadows are versatile, perfectly coordinated and are truly great for a day-to-night look. I swatched them very lightly, but the colors can be built for more drama if needed. They have a soft texture and a luxurious finish that fits this set very well.

The blushes are quite universal. I can wear both and also like mixing and blending them together. I could have lived with less shimmer, but it's not too bad. I swatched the colors more heavily then I wear them, to make sure you can see the difference between Spice and Apricot Blossom. A lighter application gives the face a natural healthy glow.

Out of the three lip colors, Crystal is a sheer gloss with very little pigment. I don't wear it on its own, but it's great either mixed with the other two or topping a different lipstick. My favorite thing to do here is blending Black Currant and Orchid together for a juicy and rich neutral color that's dark enough to look sexy but isn't too bold.

The only issue here is the size of the pans. The eye shadows are quite narrow and cross contamination is very easy, especially when using good brushes (like the ones that came with this collection). Still, as long as one is mindful things can be kept fairly clean. I've been putting the palette to good use in the last few weeks and have a feeling I'm going to run out of several colors within 6 months or so.

Bottom Line: Between the pretty packaging, tools and the work horse colors, this is a big winner.

This particular Laura Mercier Fall Favourites Face Palette Collection ($125) is a limited edition and exclusive to Saks (in store and online). Other department stores have different sets for fall 2010 with other colors and products (Neiman's has no lip products but includes more eye shadows and a pencil liner).

All photos are mine.


  1. What a beautiful selection of autumn colors! And good brushes to boot! Usually sets like this contain inferior brushes that can do in a pinch but basically, just take up space. This one has the potential to be a great take along palette.

  2. I have the Rose eyeshadow, but have no idea how to use it-I'm afraid of looking like I've been crying or puffy-eyed. Any suggestions?

  3. Love! I bought a palette of hers in March and LOVE it (apart from the mascara, which is really disappointing). I am dying to buy this.

  4. Hi Jessi! Eileen here. A suggestion for Rose: After doing your crease in a complimentary brown, use the Rose on the upper part of the crease and blend it up a bit onto your highlighter. It will act as a bridge between crease color and brow highlighter. You can also add just a dab of Rose on your lid just above your pupil. It will make your eyes sparkle :-)

  5. This is very pretty. I still haven't bought the overly hyped UD Naked palette and with the recent palette explosions (partly due to retailers getting us to think about HOLIDAY) I have more and more options. I do remember what you said about the Naked palette and the more I wait the less I want it.

    This palette on the other hand is something to see. I don't own any LM products but I was always curious. Thanks for piquing my curiousity that much more...

  6. I love all things Laura. Just bought this palette and it is fantastic.


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