Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Butter London Tea With The Queen Nail Polish

Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book and I gravitate towards opposite end of the color rainbow except when it comes to nail polish. I have a feeling the content of our polish drawers are eerily similar and both are heavy on classic nudes. We didn't plan this, but it looks like we went on a Butter London online shopping spree at around the same time last month and obviously bought the same things. Case in point: Tea With The Queen.

Seriously, how can a royalty-obsessed like me resist this color? Tea With The Queen is that prim and proper, but also as pretty as they come. Sabrina's skin color brings out more of the subtle pink undertones while on my olive skin it's more of a warm beige (compared to Yummy Mummy which is cooler). I'm perfectly happy with two coats, considering the more time I spend with wet polish the more chances I get to have cat hair stuck to them. But my little trick when it comes to applying a third coat is to do it the next day. It shortens drying time and prevents possible mishaps.

Bottom Line: Better than clotted cream and scones.

Butter London nail polish ($14) is available from

All photos are mine, except the one of Queen Elizabeth having tea with UK senior citizens in 2008,


  1. I bought Yummy Mummy when I encountered it recently at a little boutique, based on your review. And I love it! Previously this company had been totally off my radar, in fact, I hadn't worn polish in ages, but I'm really liking the perfect nude that is YM.

    This new shade looks great too!

    Thanks for the review :)

  2. What an adorable name for a nail polish, and the color really lives up to it too. Great post. :)


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