Friday, September 24, 2010

Giorgio Armani Uptown Mauve Rouge d'Armani Lipsticks (605,606)

As promised, here are the newest two shades of Rouge d'Armani from the Uptown Mauve collection: Plum 605 and Plum 606. According to Giorgio Armani website they are limited edition, which is too bad. These are such classic, beautiful and wearable colors- could easily become signature lipsticks for many. For one insane moment I considered getting a backup. Then I remembered the three drawers full of lipsticks in my dressing room and the fact I haven't finished a tube in over a year. So, yes, by the time I'm done with 605 and 606 there will be many other favorites.

Like all /rouge d'armani lipsticks I've tested, the Uptown Mauve ones are just as soft, comfortable and saturated with color. They're not full coverage, though, and 606 is actually on the sheer side. I don't get 8 hours of wear, probably because I'm very fond of eating, drinking and talking throughout my day. Still, the pigment survives a snack and leaves enough behind after several hours. I like to reapply, though, and admire the sleek packaging.

605 is the darker of the two. It's more plummy while 606 is a rose/blush shade. Both have a good chance of flattering many skin tones. On me, 606 is a your lips, just better kind of thing, while 605 is dressier and can look great on a date night. Both are going to earn their keep- they are so easy to wear I don't need to put too much thought into matching and adjusting my look for them.

Bottom Line: big love.

Giorgio Armani Uptown Mauve Rouge d'Armani Lipsticks ($30 each) are available online from and probably at the various counters. I'd have checked and gotten them from my local Saks if the Armani SAs there weren't the worst I've ever encountered (on this side of the Atlantic). Seriously. Since both Armani online and most department stores don't charge shipping when you're a member (or have a code), I fully intend not to buy at that counter until something drastically changes.

All photos are mine. Assistant: Sophie


  1. Thanks so much for swatching these- I've been curious about them. Did you pass on the new pink ones, 515 and 516?

  2. Thanks for the swatches. I got my first Armani lipstick recently and I love the magnetic closure! I bought Deep Ruby but these look lovely for a more everyday lip.

  3. Wow, 605 looks beautiful! :)
    Gaia, which one you prefer for yourself?

  4. Thanks for those swatches
    Gaia, which one would you advice for someone with warm (indian origin) complexion (for everyday wear)
    Won't 606 look to light ?

  5. Anne, yes, I did pass on the pink ones. Plum 606 is as light as I can go.

  6. TBC, yes, it really lights up the face.

  7. MB, yes, I love the drama of Deep Ruby and the other dark ones, but these new shades are the ones I'm going to wear every day.

  8. Goya, I love both. 605 is more striking, of course, but it depends on the rest of my makeup. I did a bold eye the other day and toned down everything else, so 606 was more appropriate, but 605 is still quite easy to wear when I keep my eye-face balanced.

  9. BA, yes, I know! I was so happy to add them to my rotation.

  10. Liyya, you're right. 606 would most likely be too light for anyone even a little darker than me.


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