Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Mystery of Essie Crystal Nail File

Not all nail files were born equal. The one from Sephora, for example annoys me to no end by only having one operational side. It's a thick slub of glass and they couldn't make both side usuable? Why? Then I have and had several brandless other files from several stores, online and offline. Some are good, others are better. My favorite, though, is this one from Essie. It's the perfect size, perfect weight and does a superb job leaving my nails smooth with no rough edges.

Recently I wanted to buy a secod one for my travel bag, only to discover it's no longer available on Essie website. You can still buy it from various other online sources, but it seems Essie has stopped making/selling them and that's a real shame.

Photo by me with the help of Kosh.

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