Monday, September 13, 2010

Chanel Glossimer 138 Courtisane

Even beauty bloggers get the blues (and buy the weirdest stuff).

When Chanel Fall 2010 collection came out two months ago I chose several items (Rose Temptation blush and the two single eye shadows) and passed on the new Glossimer colors because they didn't look special or pigmented enough. All was good and well until one gloomy summer afternoon when I decided I actually needed a new Glossimer (or two) and decided on last fall's release, Courtisane (138). The problem? It's pink.

Very pink.

Barbie pink.

And I don't do pink.

I look horribly trashy when I try and then I get jealous of people with mainstream skin tones who can wear pretty colors. Of course, this being a Chanel with a nice shine and pleasant texture I can wear it to tone down a variety of my plum lipsticks or mix it with other colors. But I just can't pull off Courtisane by itself over naked lips.

Bottom Line: What were I thinking?

Chanel Glossimer 138 Courtisane is available from your favorite department stores and

All photos are mine.


  1. LOL I was reading this review thinking "A pink lip gloss? Really?" Too pink for me too I think. I want to try some of the reds in the Extrait de Gloss collection...but knowing myself too well I will end up with a nude Glossimer...

  2. Sorry, I can't imagine you trashy. I tried really really hard.

  3. When I first glanced at your post and saw Courtesan, I did a double take. But then when I read it, I thought, "Ah ha! The 'What was I thinking!' moment." We've all been there a time or two or three or . . . :-P

  4. Hi Gaia,

    This is indeed a very surprising color you chose :).

    Did you try Chanel glossimer #102? A very sophisticated deep wine-berry.

  5. Ha! Gaia, I have coloring similar to yours and when I saw that photo at the head of the post I thought--"Really? Huh. I can never pull off those blue-toned pinks. Must look different on her lips..."

    Then I read the post.

  6. I'm trying to figure out what I was thinking when I skipped buying this Glossimer! I love the color, but that's because I'm sadly attracted to all things trashy.

  7. Ooh. That looks pretty. I have a MAC gloss called "Pink Poodle" that looks like neon poster paint in the tube, but goes on fairly sheer and makes my eyes look SO BLUE. No such luck with this one, huh?

  8. Have you tried Rouge Dior in 851? It's pink w/o the Barbie effect.


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