Tuesday, September 07, 2010



Just started Alison Arngrim's memoir Prairie Bitch. No opinion yet. Tim Gunn's new book is coming out today. For some reason, I'm not optimistic.

David Gray's latest album

Shalimar Light and Coty Chypre.

Chanel Teint Innocence compact foundation.

Frequently worn outfit/item:
Getting as much use of my summer dresses as I can before the weather turns too cool

Fresh figs

Water. Tea. The usual.

Guilty Pleasure:
Whole Foods marshmallow.

Bane of my existence:

Kittens. And grown cats.

Time with my two nieces.

Random Thought:
Naomi Watts doesn't strike me as an Ann Taylor person. But what do I know?

Wish List:
To be in Paris.

What are your current loves, banes and recommendations? What's on your mind? Please share.

Photo: Paris, 1950 by Robert Capa


  1. Book: Currently reading Brad Thor's The Apostle. It's a light-weight, fast-paced thriller.

    Song: Currently listening to Vivaldi's violin concerto in C major; Giuliano Carmignola playing baroque violin. Awesome!

    Perfume: Giulietta by Tocca. It's a very light, summery floral.

    Makeup: Edward Bess' new cream foundation. Love it!

    Frequently worn outfit/item: Summer always means light-weight, cropped pants worn with easy-breezy tops and sandals.

    Food: Peaches and apricots

    Drink: Coffee first thing in the AM; water and iced tea during the day.

    Guilty Pleasure: Sees Bridge Mix.

    Bane of my existence: My in-laws!

    Joy: I have much to be thankful for and can find joy in so many things around me.

    Anticipation: Getting my house painted.

    Random Thought: As I work through my sixth decade, I have never felt more happy with who and what I am.

    Wish List: To have both my sons in residence for the celebration of the equinox.

  2. Book: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Beekeeping

    Song: Die Muller und der Bach by Schubert, sung by Fritz Wunderlich. http://tinyurl.com/29ojpt2

    Perfume: Y - YSL

    Makeup: I'm glad I discovered Urban Decay's Eye Shadow Primer.

    Frequently worn outfit/item: Black linen crop pants, Bjorn leather sandals.

    Food: Tomatoes from the garden, Thai basil, watermelon.

    Drink: Thai basil martinis!

    Guilty Pleasure: writing these comments while at work...

    Bane of my existence: People who talk more than listen.

    Joy: Music, friends, family, laughter, tolerance, forgiveness.

    Anticipation: Snow

    Random Thought: (Eileen, I really like yours!) Try smiling at strangers, it really is interesting.

    Wish List: To see more people smile back at me. To get to NY state this fall to see my 95 yr. old mother, who is ill.

  3. Book: Stieg Larsson’s trilogy … so not my thing but I cannot put it down.

    Song: Oh … I suppose Hauke Nissen’s Silent Sea CD … calming.

    Perfume: Mandy Aftel’s Fig, pure heaven.

    Make-up: Bobby Brown … I conclude that at 63+ I need to tone it down so I have rediscovered her.

    Frequently worn out-fit: Flax floods.

    Drink: Tissanes, lemonade, tea.

    Bane of my existence: A very loud Anosmia! Just as I am about to embark upon my third life in Natural Perfumery.

    Joy: My olfactory senses.

    Anticipation: Building and accord.

    Random Thought: Love what Eileen said and agree! Second random thought … I simply love your Blog! It is without a doubt always fun! And I love your sense of humor. And Queen_Cupcake … sending you a smile!

    Wish List: Well, it has always been to have a time machine. And then I actually thought that I had found one. My nose can transcend time. I just need it to come back.


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