Thursday, September 09, 2010

Giorgio Armani Maestro Eye Shadow Quad #3 Earth

While the fall 2010 look from Giorgio Armani is all about cool tones, there's actually a Maestro eye shadow quad in traditional autumn colors. Number 3, Earth, is all about the color changes of fall, leaves and the light and shade moving and shifting between tree brunches. It's as pretty as it sounds. I took the photos outside in late afternoon light a couple of months ago and you can see how light affects these color. I've been wearing it all summer, but I think it's appropriate all year round.

I have several of Armani's Maestro quads and this one might be one of the best. The texture is as smooth as we've come to expect from the brand and the finish of these four is among the prettiest I've seen. As always, they apply and blend perfectly. I keep buying the Maestro quads despite my annoyance with their design. The narrow pans are among my least favorites, as I prefer using wide brushes. It's workable, but I hope for a redesign at some point.

The other issue, more specific to this quad is the color combination. They are all gorgeous, of course, but I'd be a tad happier if the gold would have been replaced with a golden beige or another more natural shade. This gold is a bit to yellow for me to wear under the brow, so I have to supplement the palette with a nude color from another set. It's not an issue when doing my makeup at home, but if I were considering packing the quad in a makeup bag for use on the go I'd have to add another item.

Bottom Line: Your mileage may vary.

Giorgio Armani Maestro Eye Shadow Quad #3 Earth ($59) is available at select department stores and online.

All photos are mine.


  1. This quad makes me feel so frustrated!
    I absolutely love the colors: they are beautiful and very flattering (or so I think!), but while the two lighter shades (the gold and the beige/sand) blend seamlessly, the darker ones do not behave. Really, it’s impossible for me to blend them nicely, and to make them last. I admit I don’t use professional brushes or other useful tricks, but I had the same problems only with a couple of Chanel quads before.
    I am surprised because I love many Armani make-up items (foundation, highlighter, mascara) – I’ve been faithful to some of these since ages!

  2. Hey Gaia (nice name, mother out of the chaos), these ar pretty warm shades, aren't they? I have 4+5 from GA, the latter I use most.
    I like your swatches, and I know the GA colours look completely different in person. Because I have to order them, I would rather rely on a description...
    Thank you!

  3. The colours are really lovely with the exception of the gold which wouldn't work for me either. I agree a more beige shade would have made it ideal for on the go. The olive colour is really tempting though. Thanks for the great review.

  4. @Zazie: Professional brushes make ALL the difference in the world! I know it's a big investment at first, but purchase your basics and then add to them as you are able. Best tip:Take care of your brushes! Wash them at least every other week with a little dab of baby shampoo(put a dab in your palm, wet the bristles, swirl, rinse, roll in towel to dry, and then let them lay on your bathroom counter with bristles hanging over the edge. DON'T put them bristle side up in a cup to dry!!!)

  5. Hi Gaia
    Thank you so much for your great review
    So helpful when you have to order online
    Is it possible to have swatches of the Uptown Mauve collection (new shades from Rouge d'Armani lipsticks)


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