Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nars Yachiyo Brush

Things I can't resist: kittens, fresh pasta, funky hats, figs, vintage Shalimar, handmade accessories, makeup brushes with a unique design. Nars Yachiyo brush falls under the last two categories. It's hand-spun and has an interesting handle made from black wisteria that wraps all around and feels very nice when you hold it.

One of the secrets of a really good blush brush is the amount of product is collects at one sweep and how much buffing and blending one needs to do after depositing the color on skin. That's what makes Nars Yachiyo the superb brush it is. There's something about the domed and tapered shape of the Yachio and its hair density that creates the magic- it makes even dark and very pigmented blushes almost fool-proof (as long as the color looks good on one's skin, that is).

The tapered shape makes the Yachiyo great for more delicate jobs like contouring, if you're so inclined. I played with a little and saw that it can be manipulated very well into small areas such as the sides of your nose. It's also good for touch highlighting either with the tip or sides, and some use it for cleanups, but personally, I prefer a simple fan brush for this purpose.

While this brush isn't the softest one I own, it feels pleasant enough. I've been using it for a little over a month, and while there was a little shading the first week, things are stable now. It survived its first washing (I wrapped the handle with a washcloth while doing it, to protect the black wisteria) and dried well. For such an expensive makeup brush I wish it came in nicer packaging (think Edward Bess brushes) or at least with a protective velvet pouch like Chanel or Guerlain, but that's my only complaint.

Nars Yachiyo Brush ($50) is available from and some deartment stores.

Photos by me.


  1. I have that love love it. So glad i bought it. :-)

  2. I've had my yachiyo for over a year, and I can attest that it holds up really well under frequent cleaning. The black wisteria handle has faded slightly, but the brush itself is like new. It's my favourite blush brush.

  3. I'm very close to buying this brush! I'm interested in your comments on how the Yachiyo compares to the Chanel 7 blush brush. The detailing and packaging is swaying me, but function will definitely be the deciding factor.

  4. Today I got my Yohi Brush in the mail, but mine is not completely streight it looks kind of criked! (slightly, minimal, but still!) I was thinking how can this be if the brush costs 60 euro. Maybe because they where hand made? It´s pretty and kind of unique that´s why I wanted it in the first place.. I might be to perfectionistically when it comes to expencive makeup idems.. But it´s criked. (sorry for the bad spelling)


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