Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tom Ford Private Blend- Bois Marocain

I can try and analyze Bois Marocain from TomFord's Private Blend until you and I are blue in the face and bored out of our mind. We can be cerebral and talk about the notes, their meaning and ponder if Mr Ford has got a case of Serge-envy, Tauer-envy or whatever. We can snark and say that even if he did, the perfumer who actually created Bois Marocain for him is obviously not as talented as Andy Tauer or Chris Sheldrake. It will be true. The thing is, in the end of the day and as much as I'm not smitten or highly impressed, Bois Marocain smells quite nice on my skin.

Basically, it's a super-resinous incense. Part of it smell very cold and pine-like, other parts make me think I'm sniffing glue. The dry-down is less synthetic and much warmer. It makes me think of nice frankincense-myrrh blends, dark, woody and a little sweet. I find it easy to wear and enjoy what's left on my skin even after 12 hours. The problem is something I hesitate to call a lack of soul, so maybe over-conceptualizing, over-thinking, trying too hard... you choose. It feels more like an idea than an actual fragrance story.

Bottom Line: Encence Flamboyant (Goutal) is a better take on this.

Bois Marocain ($180, 1.7oz) and the rest of Tom Ford Private Blend line can be found at top department stores and Tom Ford boutiques around the world.

Photo of a Moroccan wood door: bladitour.fr


  1. I think I would like it as I am an incense fiend, especially in autumn :)

  2. Much as I enjoy this scent, and many others in the Private Blend line (Purple Patchouli, Moss Breches, Noir de Noir) Dipqyque's L'Eau Trois is still my gold standard for a warm incense/resin scent.

    I had to purchase a spare bottle when I heard it was discontinued. Such a shame!


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