Thursday, September 09, 2010

Linari Malva Room Spray

My obsession with fig has been well documented here. It's my favorite fruit and one of my favorite notes in personal and home fragrance, so every fig scent I find is a thrill. That's the case with Linari Malva room spray. It could have easily been an exquisite perfume, but I'm willing to take it as a home product (and I won't tell anyone if a spritz here and there lands on my person).

The fig is both a ripe fruity one and woody. It's smooth and almost creamy but uses cedar and not sandalwood, so it's a bit more dry than many familiar combination. The result is fresh and light but with enough depth to make me smile when I sniff the air, and extremely long lasting for such a product. I can still smell it over an hour after spraying.

Bottom Line: If the matching reed diffuser wasn't priced at $110 a pop I'd put one in every corner of every room in the house.

Linari Malva Room Spray ($47) is available from MiN New York (117 Crosby street) and online

Image: Figs by Sandra Murray, watercolor, 2010

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