Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Milan Fashion Week: January Jones At Versace

At first I thought it might be an odd angle, but all the photos I've seen of January Jones from this event (Friday's Versace show during Milan Fashion Week) look similar. There's some odd proportions here- the geometric dress, the hair and January herself. She's beautiful, of course, and can pull off just about anything, but this dress isn't working. Or maybe a softer hairstyle would have fixed the problem.


Photo: Just Jared


  1. To me it looks odd because of that rectangular block of red that extends the line up her neck, face, and to the top of her hair which is as flat as is the red block at the neckline. There is nothing wrong with her lovely face and neck. It's the neckline and hairdo that make it look contrived and comic. Such looks might rock the runway, but in the real world they look a bit absurd.

  2. Seems like the issue is the shape/fit of the dress. It's not doing anything to flatter her body, and lord knows she has a body that's not hard to flatter. If the dress were a basic fitted sheath the geometric fringing wouldn't look as severe and angular. The dress also looks like it might be too big in the waist.

  3. I've never seen her look as good as she does on Mad Men. Personally, I think she makes odd fashion choices.

  4. I just read that apparently she was late and held up the start time of the show by over an hour. i'm thinking her awkwardness can be attributed to her thinking "ooohhh my god i just made donatella and probably anna wintour wait for me, i have to sit next to a seriously pissed looking allegra and i don't even like these shoes just pleease hurry up and take my picture!"

  5. She is a beautiful woman, but for some reason when she is in the "real" world (i.e. not onscreen in Mad Men), she never looks right. She should fire her stylist - although it does take a certain kind of talent to make someone so gorgeous look bad. Eileen has nailed the problem - the general "blockiness" of the dress and hairstyle, neither of which are flattering. Bright red overwhelms her delicate skin and hair color. And who thought white shoes would go with this ensemble? I don't care about the "no white shoes after Labor Day" rule, but they are just wrong.


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