Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Giorgio Armani Lip Shimmer Lip Gloss 66 Deep Burgundy

Considering my deep love for Giorgio Armani lipsticks, it's a little weird I never got around to testing and buying any of the lip glosses until now. Hopefully I can make up for that and not have my beauty blogger badge revoked. Let's start with this one- Deep Burgundy (#66).

Texture-wise, Armani lip glosses seem to be as fabulous as the lipsticks (unlike the over-hyped lip wax. That one was a dud for me). They feel wonderfully comfortable on the lips without being sticky hair magnets. They're shiny and maintain the glossy appearance for at least a couple of hours. Deep Burgundy has enough pigment to be great on its own without a lipstick layer underneath (=quick and easy touchups), and as you can see, it's gorgeous, rich and dark.

My favorite way to wear it is paired with black eyeliner (either thin and glossy  or a thick but muted line) and a pale matte skin. A little dramatic, but a lot of fun.

Giorgio Armani Lip Shimmer Lip Gloss ($27) is available from select department stores as well as online.

All photos are mine.

 *By the way, swatches of the newest ones from the Uptown Mauve collection are coming later this week/early next week)

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  1. This looks lovely and I like the description of how you wear it. Simple but striking.


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