Friday, September 03, 2010

Le Metier de Beaute at Nordstrom and Julie Hewett Sale- Online Shopping News

Enabling ahead!

Best news of the week: Le Metier de Beaute is now available online from Nordstrom. The color swatches are better than the ones on Neiman and Bergdorf sites, so that's a real upgrade. They have everything, from the miracle that is Peau Vierge to LMdB superb makeup brushes. Especially worth noting: the Face Kaleidoscope. It has everything you need- powder, highlighter, bronzer and the gorgeous Echo blush in one palette. I have most of these items separately, but having them in one kit is even better. I actually wish I had it right now- I have some traveling coming up and this would be perfect.

Many of you emailed me lately asking what was going on with Julie Hewett. The web site is back, everything seems to be in stock and there's quite a bit to explore. Julie Hewett has great red lipsticks for just about anyone- including those who are scared of red. I love her cream cheek colors and the Hue Colour in Newsprint Bleu has been a staple in my makeup wardrobe for ages. There's also a little sale going on until the 7th: 25% off on Bijou lipstick in Jacqueline (sheer fuchsia) and Duo Blush Palette in Carmine/Coral. Use code SSA2010 at checkout.

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