Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Magic Of Le Metier De Beaute Magic Luster Cream

A couple of years ago someone came up with the idea to sell press-on makeup. It was mostly for eye shadows, I think, and contained stenciled pre-blended colors you had to press on your eye lids to transfer the color pattern. I couldn't get why one would want to use something like that- obviously these things weren't tailored to anyone's specific needs, face and individual features. My only guess was that some people were simply too lazy to do the brush work, and as such they deserved exactly what they got.

Obviously, Magic Luster Cream from Le Métier de Beauté is made for the exact opposite type of makeup user. Those who love to play with color and texture, blend and create new options from what they have on hand would absolutely love Magic.

What it does: Mixing Magic Luster Cream with any powder-based product turns it into a glossy substance. It means that you can turn blushes into lip glosses, eye shadows into cream blushes and bronzers and make your own cream/gel eye shadows.

How to do it: I practiced and played with it a while and decided I like best to put a drop of magic on my wrist or any washable surface and then drop the pigmented product next to it and bring them together gradually with a brush. In the photos above I used one of the shadows in  Le Metier De Beaute Devotion Kaleidoscope Eye Kit from last spring. It becomes a gorgeous lip color and stays on beautifully.

Dustin from  Le Metier De Beaute, who is quite magical by himself, suggests to use Magic Luster Cream straight on the face as a highlighter to give it a dewy finish.

Bottom Line: It should come in family size packaging (I'm already on my second pot).

The Magic Of Le Metier De Beaute Magic Luster Cream ($24) is available from select department stores worldwide and nordstrom.com.

Photos are mine.


  1. I have been waiting for your review of this! It looks awesome. However I am hesitant about one thing. Making a lip color from a prowder eye shadow that may not be "lip safe" si there anything that addresses this issue in the packaging instructions?

  2. In attempt to shop my existing stash and save some money, this may come very helpful to me. Thanks - I'll be checking it out when I make my way to BG.

  3. I can't really tell - what exactly is the consistency of it in the pot? It looks like a gel/gloss on your wrist but thicker and more like a solid in the top picture. Just trying to imagine how it mixes with products, and if I'd have to put it in my liquids baggy on airplanes!

  4. Kamo, I can give you my impression of its texture (if Gaia is OK with that). I think it's like clear, thick goop. Doesn't sound very appealing, but once you mix in a powder, it's a thick, colorful gel.

    I do not believe that the airline safety authorities would consider it a liquid. It's too thick.

  5. I have this too, but I'm finding it hard to like it as eyeshadow, it's waaay to tacky and sticky. It's even a pain to wash it off the back of my hand. My next step was to test it as a lip color, glad to see it might actually work out well :)


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