Sunday, September 05, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Are you putting your white shoes in storage?

Photo by Louis R. Astre Studio, Paris, 1960


  1. Living in Southern California, where the temperatures can climb into triple digits well into October, we don't put away our white sandals and flip flops just because Labor Day has come and gone. We wait until the temps begin to cool down a bit. It's all about the weather--not the calendar. In truth, I can't remember when I last saw a woman wearing white pumps. White pumps? On a bride, maybe:-)

  2. Living below the Mason-Dixon Line, with a Southern mother who is alive and well, I put away not only the white shoes, but white pants and skirts and straw hats and bags. It doesn't cool down here until Halloween, but the wearing of white shoes out of season is a faux pas from which you will never recover. It's a WASP thing.


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