Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekly Roundup For Mid-September

I was out of town on vacation and managed to miss the entire NY Fashion Week on all its events. More on that in a separate post (maybe), but I'm quite happy to see life as we know it getting back to normal. Now I just need to finish my laundry and catch up on email.

It looks like everyone is sharing the Le Metier de Beaute lust lately and there's a lot to love. Just look at Marcia's nails on Beauty Info Zone, Amy's feature on the Persephone Eye Kit at Cafe Makeup and my own post about Magic Lustre Cream.

Charlestongirl introduced us to Dior's very limited-edition Tailleur Bar Haute Couture Look set at Best Things in Beauty. Lavender and grey eye shadows with popping pink lips pay homage to Dior's legendary bar suit. Charlestongirl wants you to know that Neiman Marcus at Mazza Gallerie has offered her readers (and you insiders) an incredible deal. Just go to this link to see how you could win a $500 shopping spree.

Next we have Chanel SoHo Story by Sabrina from the Beauty Look Book. Sabrina gives me serious lip envy. I always need to remind myself how colors that look gorgeous on her tend to be less than wearable on me. It doesn't matter: I want everything she shows.

If your head is not already spinning from limited editions and store exclusives, you might want to see Kari's post about Lancome Eiffel Tower lipsticks. She might have also solved the mystery of what exactly was Daria wearing on her lips in the promo photos of Lancome's fall collection. All these marketing games aren't making me feel too warm and fuzzy toward Lancome, but I'm jet-lagged and cranky, so don't mind me.

Laura Geller deserves more love on the blogs and from the public, which is why I was happy to see Kelly's Banish-n-Brighten post on Gouldylox Reviews.

Fans of Urban Decay Primer Potion should be happy with this one. Laurie from Product Girl has the details on the new color, Greed. Personally, I'm a classic girl and have gone through countless tubes of the original one.

Last one for today, pro makeup artist Vicki rolled out the premiere edition of Flawless Faces for All Races at Makeup Artist Backstage. Learn her simple techniques for creating a flawless look by watching her 10-minute video.

Enjoy your weekend and wear something fun!

Photo of a 1940s Vogue cover:

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