Monday, December 27, 2010

10 Midwinter Perfumes- Keep Warm Without Getting Bored

We all have our standby winter favorites that keep us warm and cozy. Many are classics like Bois des Iles and every possible version of Shalimar. Tonight, though, I'm staying away from the most expected choices. This list is ten smoldering winter perfumes that you're less likely to smell on the Subway tomorrow:

1. DSH:  Coeur de Vanille- Vanilla might be an obvious choice when it comes to getting snuggly, but this Dawn Spencer Hurwitz all-natural perfume is one of the best I've tried and leaves the prestigious Guerlain SDV far behind.

2. Vero Profumo: Onda- An ultra-sexy and animalic fiery vetiver.

3. Parfum d'Empire: Ambre Russe- An unconventional and larger than life boozy amber.

4. Tauer: Lonestar Memories- I wear it year-round, but this smoky, tarry, leathery wonder is also like a cup of lapsang suchon.

5. Serge Lutens: Fumerie Turque- Maybe the most obvious choice in this list, but still wonderful. Uncle Serge's sweet smoke got me through some freezing days and nights.

6. Anya's Garden: Kewdra- An all-natural and botanical dirty musk, as carnal as it gets and then some.

7. Nez a Nez: Marron Chic- A powdery truffle made of iris, cocoa and dust, in the best possible way.

8. Comme des Garcon: Zagorsk- There are many great choices for a dark incense fragrances. None of them smell like this melancholy CdG.

9. Mona di Orio: Cuir- Like borrowing your new boyfriend's leather jacket, given that the guy is tall, handsome and also rich.

10. Ormonde Jayne: Tolu- No winter list is complete without a big classic oriental. This is one of the more complex and interesting ones you can find.

Photo of model Gigi for Jacques Griffe by Henry Clarke, 1951


  1. Coeur de Vanille leaves SDV behind? Oh, I definitely need to try it then. :)
    Great list!

  2. CdG Zagorsk is one of my favorite fragrances right now. It is masterful and ultra-comforting.

    A lovely little list, thank you!

  3. Great list and great characteristics of all perfumes on it. "Ambre Russe- An unconventional and larger than life boozy amber"- describes it exactly right! :)

  4. I just ordered my first Lutens. Okay, first TWO Lutens. Fumerie Turque and Chergui. Perfect for this time of year. You're rubbing off on me.


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