Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge- Plié Nail Polish

Plié  from Rescue Beauty Lounge is less pink than ballet slippers and more flesh-toned. It's a warm pinky beige, maybe half a shade too warm than I would have preferred. Many, especially those with lighter skin tone than me, would probably find Plié  the perfect nude for a mannequin hand manicure. I like it as a complete neutral, something to wear for a perfectly polished look to pair with a fabulous cocktail ring or a statement bracelet.

Application is easy, two coats give me full coverage and are very smooth (one is too streaky and thin).  However, Plié  was the first Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish to ever give show quality issues. I'm very good about using high-quality base and top coats and wait for each layer to fully dry. Still, Plié  continuously chips and comes apart on the very first day of wearing it. The second time it happens I decided to keep track of exactly what I was doing with my hands, to make sure I wasn't being too hard on my polish. And I wasn't, so this is a real disappointment- usually I get very reliable results from my  Rescue Beauty Lounge favorites.

Bottom Line: Unless my bottle was an accidental lemon, a reformulation of Plié  is probably in order.

Plie and the rest if the Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish line ($18) can be found at

All photos by me.


  1. Plie was a disappointment on me as well. I found OPI's Miso Happy with this Color soon after, though, and it's a bit cooler (a drop more pink, but virtually identical) and the wear is great.


  2. I got a bottle of this for my cousin ... she was thrilled with the color in the bottle, but she never did tell me how she liked it.

    Hm ...


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