Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Edward Bess Moroccan Rose Blush Imperiale

Moroccan Rose scared me when I first saw it a couple of months ago. It's such an assertive and pigmented color, and I live in fear of having 80s cheeks. Eventually I was convinced to try (Edward and his team are always right), and another love was born. Moroccan Rose is the darkest and plummiest of in Edward Bess' Blush Imperiale line (these are powder blushes. The three cream ones are Compact Rouge). Still, it has the finest sheer texture that gives you control over the level of pigmentation and works with every good brush I tried, from the superb Edward Bess Face Brush to Chanel #7, Nars Yachio and several duo-fiber brushes.

The color is on the warm side, at least when applied to my skin- it's very pigmented but still lets skin shine through, which is what makes this blush so unique- Edward Bess creates makeup that enhances and defines your features but not covers you up with unnecessary paint.

The texture of Blush Imperiale is as soft and smooth as one would want, and while it's matte, there is still a level of radiance- no shimmer or shiny particles, just some sort of natural glow that might be the result of the way this blush melds and blends with your foundation and the skin underneath. The swatch you can see above was done with the little brush that came in the compact and is not blended or sheered. You can play it up or down according to your own skin tone.

My guess would be that Blush Imperiale in Moroccan Rose would work for most who have light/medium and up skin. If you're very fair you might want to check the other two shades. Next week I'll show and review the one in Desert Bloom. In the meantime you can see Charlsestongirl's review and swatches of this interesting blush on Best Things In Beauty.

Bottom Line: Exquisite.

Edward Bess Blush Imperiale ($48) is available from Bergdorf Goodman, select Neiman Marcus locations (also online) and edwardbess.com.

All photos are mine (and Sophie's).


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous. It looks like quite a dark colour but I really like how it swatches. I totally agree that the Edward Bess products excel at enhancing rather than painting or covering up. Such well chosen and flattering colours too.
    MB x

  2. My skin is very fair (I wear EB Light), and yet Moroccan Rose has become one of my everyday favorites. Those of you with fair complexions should not be deterred by the intense color in the pan. The trick is to use a fan brush to better control the application. Although a Chanel #7 brush is my favorite all-purpose blush brush, it picked up and deposited too much color even though I had tapped out the excess pigment. I switched to a Smashbox fan brush and found that it gave me a delicate bloom of color that could be easily built up for evening wear.

  3. MB, from what Eileen says below, I'm beginning to think this is another one of Edward's magic colors- everyone gets exactly what she needs from it.

  4. Eileen, thank you so much for the brush suggestion and for letting us know you also wear this color. Do you like the other Blush Imperiale shades?

  5. Lovely shade. I bet a fan brush would make it work with any complexion.
    I can see this blush with a rusty red lip, classic elegance!

  6. Hi Gaia. Yes, I have all three of EB's Blush Imperiale. It began with Soft Orchid, a light, luminous pink that is perfect for spring. Next came Moroccan Rose. It's the same color as my own natural blush so it has become one of my daily favorites. Applied lightly, it is perfectly natural. Applied heavier for evening, it is simply stunning. I just got Dessert Blossom and love it for those times when I want a neutral look. On my skin, it comes across as a warm rose beige and makes my high cheekbones look sculpted. Do I have a favorite? Not yet! All three are extraordinarily beautiful in color, finish, and texture.


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