Friday, December 17, 2010

Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille Is Alive And Well- Breaking News

I just received a firm confirmation from Guerlain USA PR team that their  Spiritueuse Double Vanille is not being phased out or discontinued. Not that the rumors made any sense. Spiritueuse Double Vanille is such a popular perfume that sells very well (and a newish Guerlain formula, unlikely to clash with IFRA), but we're all prone to discontinuation panic. So, no hoarding necessary for now.

Photo: Guerlain Facebook page


  1. I hadn't heard that rumor but I am very glad it isn't true...

  2. Yay! So I have all hope to get a bottle. It was one I was mourning before I ever had a chance to sniff.

  3. Guess I didn't need to rush out and buy one. Still glad I did. Tonka Imperial wanted to get this, but they seem to be on backorder for weeks now. Anyone else having the same problem?


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