Saturday, December 11, 2010

Truth In Advertisement, Sephora-Style

Maybe I've been spending too much time (again) watching my old Buffy DVDs, but the look this model is sporting says to me "scary", not "couture" or "luxury". The kit itself, a YSL Sephora exclusive, looks quite lovely and very wearable, but this evil zombie queen is not really selling it to me. What's even more ridiculous is that once you take a good look at the model and the holiday kit, you realize the model isn't even wearing any of what they're selling. What's the point, then?

Image from this morning Sephora's newsletter.


  1. LOL! Thanks for your comment! I didn't even look at the model and maybe it WAS because she looked too scary!

  2. That *is* scary! Maybe this ad was paid for by YSL's competition :D

  3. I recently received a Sephora ad in the mail and thought the same thing. The makeup pieces looked so pretty but the models-- Yikes, do they really think I want to look like that?! I mean, it's creative and dramatic but not all of us are looking for something to wear to ... wherever that model is going.

  4. Loaded? That's for sure! :)Very loaded..
    Luxe-doubt it..

    I guess in YSL they didn't sublimate the principle "Less is more".

  5. I did wonder she's wearing that look yet they are advertising something else. Would anyone even wear what she's loaded up with to a New Year's eve party? lol

  6. I've always found the over-made-up Sephora models to be pretty frightening. Not sure who they're trying to sell their "look" to - meaning, who wants to look like that?? My goal for my makeup is to look naturally attractive, not to make small children cry or people scream and run in the other direction...

  7. not scary. just verrrrry '80s. which, of course, may scare some. :)

  8. Does anyone know who this model is?


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