Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tweets From The Mall

There was no avoiding this today. We had to run some errands and go to the mall. Cat food, hardware and Nordstrom -could be worse. I hate Macy's with a passion (at least the one we have here), but we were already there to return something so I stopped by the Benefit counter and asked the sweet young girl to show me the new blush, Bella Bamba. She gave me the box and an extremely dirty brush (eww, cooties!). It's nice, very rosy, a lot more shimmery than their other boxed blushes, and looks a little cheap, if you ask me. I sort of liked the color on me, but what can I say? I like Edward Bess a lot better.

Nordstrom was somewhat of a zoo. I stopped by the Armani counter but there was nothing new. The SA complained they were nearly out of eye shadows. She had no idea when anything new is going to arrive. Dior already has the new spring collection. It's... springy, I guess, though the number of variations on gray and silver is a nice touch. But I'm the Grinch when it comes to spring colors and couldn't find anything there I really wanted. Still, the quints are gorgeous and worth your time, if not your cash. Personal opinion? It's better and actually prettier than Chanel Spring.

Then it was Burberry time. Doreen, the counter manager, gave me an incredible makeover and even managed to create a foundation match for me- mixing the liquid in No. 5 with the Compact in No. 7. Who would have thought? The result was perfect and I actually like the finish. There are also more eye shadow and lip color reviews in my (and your) future. They still don't know when the makeup brushes will be in. I can't wait- there's a huge face brush that's as soft and fluffy as can be. I need it.

The evening ended at Barnes & Noble. I got the new biography of Isabella Blow written by her husband. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. I think there's always something to love about the Dior quints, they never disappoint (even if the shades are not what I would usually go for). I find that they are worth the money because they get used around here quite often.

  2. Thanks for the info! Did you notice if the YSL spring collection was available yet?

  3. Carrie, I'm pretty sure both quints I saw today are very usable and I could love them. I just don't need all those shimmery silvers and pinks. Yet.

  4. Donycallmejessie, YSL still only had the holiday items out. I was disappointed- that's one spring collection I might actually buy.

  5. Same here - I'm itching for its release!

  6. I wish I could have been there for your Burberry makeover! Makes me pine for our shopping day with Ms. J. Will happen again sometime soon I hope!!

  7. Re Armani, theoretically, late January.


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