Friday, December 17, 2010

Guerlain Meteorites Brush

Since I'm already in a Guerlain mood today, let's talk about their pretty Meteorites brush. It has a pink head of hair, which is quite cute and is the perfect size to fit in the Meteorite canister, which is too small for some premium powder or Kabuki brushes (like NARS Botan or Lousie Young LY07)

There's one important thing to note about Guerlain Meteroites brush- the goat hair is a little coarse, more than many face brushes. That's what makes this brush perfect for to grab the right amount of products from the pearls, but less perfect when it comes to contact with your skin. It's pretty scratchy. If you have a sensitive skin that's prone to redness you'll want to avoid this brush.

I like the Meteorites brush in theory: it's the small details like the velvet pouch and the scalloped ferrule. But this is definitely a case of form over function, and I have much better brushes; you probably do, too. For sensitive skin and just about anyone and any use, I strongly recommend the Edward Bess Luxury Face Brush. It's a perfect multitasker that performs with every face product you throw at it, and is also small enough to fit in the Guerlain Meteorites tin.

Guerlain Meteorites Face Brush ($36) is avaialble from every decent department store as well as from Sephora.

Photos by me.


  1. Great brush. I also love Meteorites.

  2. Beautiful brush, but "any decent department store" sounds more than a little snobbish. Many places don't carry Guerlain.

    -pearl clutch-

    1. THATS EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT...LOL especially since I shop at Belk most of the time, and they dont see sell it.

  3. Hooked on Meteorites Mythic thanks to your blog - both travel compact and perles. I bought this brush (black handled - couldn't cope with the pearlised white) at the airport where I bought the compact, and use it as a travel brush. I might have to buy another one to stay at home ... maybe I'll be brave enough to go for the white handled one this time! The best powder ever.


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