Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Julie Hewett Mystere Hue Color Cream Eye Shadow

Julie Hewett's Hue Color Cream in Newsprint Bleu is my absolute favorite blue eyeliner and has been so since I bought my first pot of this vibrant cream product. The Hue Color Cream line is supposed to do a double duty as a liner and a shadow, but Newsprint Bleu is very dark and intense so I prefer to only use it as an eyeliner (and use my thinnest brushes for this task). To test Hue as a cream eye shadow I chose Mystere, a shimmery metallic taupe.

Mystere leans towards the warm side and has a beautiful finish. It's everything I wanted Buxom Stay There cream eye shadow to be and it sorely wasn't. I've worn it alone and as a base for powder eye shadows (it's fun to experiment with the way Mystere makes old familiar colors appear ) and it never disappoints- the cream stays in place all day with no creasing, melting or flaking. I took a chance one August day and tested it (over a primer. I always use one) in NYC heat and humidity. Julie Hewett won.

Hue Color Cream comes in two formats- pots ($14) and refills pans ($10). The latter is what you see in my photos. The pans fit in Hewett's empty palettes ($8) that can be customized and include a variety of eye, face and lip products. Julie Hewett's website ( has been redesigned and improved greatly, even if the menus are somewhat clunky and the information architecture gave me some eyebrow raising moments (can't help it. I'm married to an e-commerce guru). The pan refills are not under the Hue Color Cream page but in the Custom Palette section under Single Pans.

Bottom Line: Next one I'm buying is Malachite.

All photos are mine.


  1. This is the exact colour that makes me want to get a Julie Hewett palette. I'm so pleased to see your review, it makes me want it even more. After my disappointment at the BECCA Belize pencil (the cream taupe won't sit still) I love the sound of Mystere's staying power.

    Thanks as always for a great post,
    MB x

  2. The color of Mystere is perfect. When you spoke about the Buxom, would that be the Mutt shade? I've been tempted by that for some time, maybe I ought to switch gears.

  3. I am salvating over this color! Two Q' Julie Hewett only sold on line? I have never heard of it.

    What type of brush do you use to apply this shadow? I love the idea of a cream powder, but don't feel I apply them well.

    Love learning about new products.

    Thanks Gaia!


  4. MB, I've had very little luck with BECCA cream eye shadows. So gorgeous, so creasing. This is definitely worth a try, and while you're at it, give the cream blushes a look. She has some lovely ones.

  5. Carrie, yes, I was taking about Mutt. It's so pretty and the texture is fabulous to the touch, but utterly useless if you expect your makeup to stay in place. I hear some of their other colors last longer, but I have no intention to try.

  6. Debbi, I don't think I've ever come across Julie Hewett makeup here in NYC, but there might be a "where to buy" section on her site. I always order everything online sight unseen, but I like living dangerously ;)

    As for brushes, I like flat dense synthetic brushes like the ones for concealers (Shiseido has a good one but also Sephora Platinum and Smashbox. And I plan on getting a thicker one from Le Metier to see what it can do for me). I often end up doing some blending with my pinkie, but don't tell anyone...

  7. Debbi- here are a couple places that sell Julie Hewett online:

    I saw her products somewhere else recently, but can't find where it was.

  8. It's funny you should mention the cream blushers because they are the other item I was looking at. Thank you for the recommendation.


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