Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Alexa Chung And Yasmin Le Bon At The 2010 British Fashion Awards

Or: Why I'll never be a cutting-edge fashion blogger.

I know Alexa Chung is considered a top It Girl, fashion icon and whatever. She's a very beautiful woman, for sure, but I've never gotten the magic.  It seems to me she's a little too eager to cross the fashion victimhood line, and that doesn't work for me. Alexa is not making it easier for me to figure her out- this is how she walked the red carpet at the 2010 British Fashion Awards- between the horrible hair and this unflattering Chanel dress (sorry, Uncle Karl), I'm utterly confused.

Now, Yasmin Le Bon is and has always been fabulous. I've even forgiven her for marrying my Simon. But this Christopher Kane dress is not doing her any favors and that's just sad.  So, instead, I'll comfort myself with a vintage Yasmin and Simon Le Bon:

Photos of Alexa Chung  and Yasmin Le Bon at the  2010 British Fashion Awards by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Europe.
Yasmin and Simon Le Bon by Gilles Bensimon, 1985


  1. Never got the hype surrounding Alexa Chung, and don't find her beautiful at all. She's interesting, in the way Sarah Jessica Parker. I also love Yasmin, but agree the dress isn't great for her fuller figure at her age.

  2. That 1985 photo of Simon and Yasmin is fantastic... and really not at all dated! The makeup, hair, etc. still look great.

  3. Oh my, Yasmin. Normally she can do no wrong. Hm. As far as Alexa, her Mulberry bag is quite nice, but I just don't get the tights with shorts thing. She always has a good makeup look, though.

    BTW, Duran Duran's new single is supposed to be on iTunes today, album on the 21st.

  4. That pink monstrosity is Chanel?

    Mademoiselle must be whirling, or kicking up dust!

    Ordinarily, I don't care (too) much about women's clothing, as long as it is clean, fits, and is appropriate to the event at hand.

    However.....that just makes me feel a bit nauseated.

    Lawrence in Ohio

  5. Not sure about Alexa's dress, but I love the tights and shoes and her makeup is spot on.

  6. Ok I am bad, I don't know who the first person is, but regardless, the look is not working for her. She is trying to channel a little girl look but her face is all adult and those two things do not go well together (I would put that outfit on a 6 yr old - with flats of course!). It also makes her look like she has a big head compared to a very tiny slender body. eep! The lady Le Bon on the other hand has the opposite problem - her dress is aging her greatly. I hate the pattern but I think possibly if it were properly placed (i.e. put those breasts in the right place!) it might make her look curvy rather than even shaped up and down. Best trash the dress though and find a better designer!

  7. I love Alexa's hair in the first photo.
    I'll skip commenting on the pink one though...

  8. My first thought when I saw the first Yasmin photo was that she was carrying her wig. With her hair pulled back so sharply, she looks almost bald, and then she's carrying this big hairy bag ...

  9. Oh, amen. Do not get the fuss over Alexa Chung and even if I did I'd be sick of it by now.

    We'll give Yasmin a pass since she's so gorgeous ordinarily, but she's on probation. Yeah, that dress is repellent. And I LIKE Christopher Kane.

  10. Yasmin isn't aging. She still looks so young!

    I actually love Alexa's hair, and and make-up. The dress, well, it's just silly and quirky. I mostly find the scrawny legs in black stockings with giant black shoes to not work with the rest of the ensemble.

  11. boy howdy, i don't get the chung thing either. she's cute. and that's about it. i guess standards are lower these days?

    yep, neither dress is terribly flattering, although i would like to see the pink one move, to see if that black tulle does more. (i'm a sucker for black tulle.)

    wish jasmin had found something that gave her a more defined waistline - this one makes her look thick, and she's probably not THAT thick at all!


  12. Alexa Chung has lost so much weight. Looking at her toothpick legs makes me feel ill.

    She doesn't look great here but can look cute sometimes.

  13. Yasmin without waist ....
    Yasmin always wear this much hair pulled back ...
    But we have to consider that Yasmin has 46 years of age and is very well!
    Margarete Ayala


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