Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Edward Bess Love Affair Compact Rouge

The first Edward Bess Compact Rouge, After Sunset, has been a favorite since the moment I got it. It gives me a very natural glow, neutral enough to wear with bold eye or lip look. Which is why I was eager to add the two newer shades of this cream cheek and lip stain to my collection. The one you see here is Love Affair, a cool rose, that still has enough natural skin warmth so it doesn't look weird. That's one of the secrets to the incredible wearability of Edward Bess products- he's focused on the way the colors look on actual people rather than on making the most unusual and eye catching pigments.

The second I opened this compact at home to take photos and swatch, my little Sophie pounced and wanted her share of the fun. Hence the claw prints. What can I say? This cat knows makeup.

Love Affair is quite intense in the pan, but you can see in the swatches that it's easily sheered- I didn't do any real blending here, but of course you should do it when applying to your face. You can also see Love Affair compared to the other rosy Compact Rouge, Island Rose, which is darker and has a little more red. I'll post a full review next week, so this is just so you see the difference.

Compact Rouge can be applied with fingers or with most face brushes. I was surprised and delighted to see Edward use this cream blush with his own Face Brush- it's made of natural fibers which are normally reserved for powder products, but this wonderful brush appears to be perfect for the task and the result on my face looked amazing (not to mention professional). Note to self: get a second Edward Bess Face Brush for cream products. It's worth it.

Bottom Line: As good as it gets.

ard Bess Love Affair Compact Rouge ($38) is available at Bergdorf Goodman, select Neiman Marcus locations (also online) and If you're in the UK your destination is

All photos are mine.


  1. I was wondering what that was. That's cute - I miss our kitty, Uncle Fatty...RIP big guy!

    I also own After Sunset - I love the versatility of that color as well. It looks good on both my cheeks and lips. Sometimes a product like that only looks good on one area of my face. I'll have to investigate these shades.

  2. Isn't the EB face brush fantastic? When I first got it, I though it would only be good for powder, but trusting in Jennifer's description of what it could do, I tried it with blush and with bronzer. It seems to work with everything. I must admit, though, I never thought to use it with compact rouge. That's a new one for me.

  3. I have been interested in these because I read that they can be used on lips and/or cheeks. I love the product that is similar by Clarins but I'm tired of their colors. I want something new ;)

  4. Thanks for the swatches and reviews, looking forward to more from you regarding his line, esp these creams. Thanks in advance for the full review next week!

    Any comparisons of EB After Sunset to Tenne (LMdB)?


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