Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NARS Blush-Sin

When it comes to NARS blushes I was a bit of a late adapter. The hype surrounding some of them and the level of shimmer in many has kept me away for too long, but I'm slowly getting there. Sin is right up my alley and I would have bought it ages ago if not for said shimmer and the dingy testers at Sephora. But a creative NARS SA at Bloomie's, who as usual felt I was far too pale for my own good, convinced me to try and I loved the result.

Sin is a mauve-plum blush. It has no red, orange or heavy pink tones, making it very neutral on my skin. It's dark and pigmented enough that I prefer to use a light application brush (Yachiyo, a duo-fiber or a fan), but that might be why every SA and makeup artist I've met goes after me with a blush brush. The shimmer is very mild  and I like its golden glow- I don't end up looking like a glitter princess. I can wear it with most makeup looks and find Sin especially nice on gloomy gray days.

Bottom Line: a good addition to most blush collections.

NARS blush ($26) can be found at most decent department stores, Sephora and online.

All photos are mine.


  1. Very beautiful and sophisticated color, I think I could wear it as well.

  2. It may be similar to Benefit's Dallas? Dallas is one of my favorite blushes, and it looks like your photos of "sin". But Dallas is not glittery or shimmer.

  3. I LOVE this blush! I'm so glad that I bought it during the Sephora F&F sale.

  4. This is my all-time favorite blush!

  5. raising my hand-- it's my favorite blush as well.

    it can do no wrong and blends well with Nars Madly, when i want to add a bit of bronze.

  6. I love this shade and I keep meaning to buy it but I always end up picking something else up because this shade is permanent. I love how you seem to convince me to pick up certain items with just one post!

    my favorite NARS blush - Gilda, a beautiful peach shade.


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